Does this guy like me?

So I don't exactly know where to put this but here:

So there's this guy who is on my soccer team, who I really like...

Well at practice he always walks over to me and will put his elbow on my shoulder and just lean on me, and just talk to me. Like a casual conversation. Sometimes he'll just hug me.

Then we have this thing, where every practice we always walk into each other and say "oops I didn't see you there."(started by him)

Then he'll try and trip me all the time(as a joke, and I'll push him, he'll push me)

He always high fives me, and a lot of times we jokingly say mean things to each other.Like "Didn't you read the sign? No dogs allowed." or "I'd slap you but that'd be animal abuse". And of course we're joking.

He also tries to scare me a lot

Then tonight he said this, "It's hot in here, I think it's because of Kylee" (My name is Kylee)

hen he walked over to me and hugged me.

But the thing is, he's 3 grades ahead of me...

He doesn't really do this stuff to other girls. Like our little jokes and stuff, I'm the only ones he does it to.

And yes he's single...

Do you think he likes me?


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  • actions speak louder than words, either he is just flirting or definitely likes you, if you like the guy ask him out or something just so you can see if he is still playing on with his actions towards you when your alone together


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