I can't stop thinking about her no matter what I do. How to deal with this?

I've liked this girl for a few months and I finally took my chances and asked her out a few weeks ago. Everything turned out great. We were having a great time together and everything seemed fine but we both noticed that after a while, we couldn't really see each other too often due to studies and stuff so it might be better for us to take a break for a few weeks until things cool off a bit. The point is, I can't stop thinking about her no matter what I do. Especially now that we're apart. And I can tell she's still into me as well, but it will only get worse if we keep being in a relationship. What's the best thing to do? She's driving me crazy..

As the time goes by I want to be with her more and more. I want to be with her every day, every minute, every moment. I really want to talk to her about us and show her that I still care just as much as I did the first time we met but I'm afraid I may sound too desperate and that could make her take me for granted..

There's only a week left until her exams are out of the way and it feels like we're really far from each other. We barely ever talked until yesterday, when I tried to get her to chat with me and talk about us but she said she had to go back to studying and she'd get back together a few hours later. A full day has gone by and she hasn't even bothered talking to me. She did say that she hasn't forgotten anything and she's still into me but it feels like she's avoiding me...What's going on?


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  • awe's ^0^ dude, it touches my heart to hear that there's guys like you that care for us ladies! one reason you should not go on a break

    number two the facts: lets say that you do go on a break with her. you decide that it's best, or whatever you are thinking right now... eventually after you call it off for a while she'll feel heart broken and alone. to cope with this (being a girl), I KNOW for a FACT that she'll try and find someone else that she knows will NOT leave her and break her heart. or while she's in the midst of getting tired on waiting for you to start to love and/ or like her again another cutie might have been waiting for her to become single this whole time. YOU might LOSE the LOVE of YOUR LIFE (possibly) to some other guy that couldn't give a sheet about you.

    >another reason not to break it off

    Thoughts: what do you think still? are things really that bad to where you want to risk leaving her for your own selfish tempurment. have you even concidered how this might effect her? will she think that you were leading her one this whole time? maybe she won't want to be your friend after this? maybe you will ruin her, and break her heart two pieces and she won't ever forgive you? do you ever think about anything out side your own feelings? have you even attempted to talk to her about this?


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  • You need to do your best to calm down. Don't let her interest level get any higher than yours. Staying apart is going to give another guy an opportunity with her...so you better start dating her again man. There's 168 hours in a week...surely you two can find one 1/2 or 2 to spend together.

    • You need to chill man. You're not going to sound desperate to her because you're not going to say what you have said on here. Save this talk for if and when you're proposing. Quickest way to turn her off is to act like a puppy begging for attention. She'll look at you...pitty you, and say .awww...how sweet. You're such a nice guy...can we be friends?

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    • I didn't get the feeling that you guys officially broke up. You made it sound like both of you were equally too busy. Nothing wrong with finding some other girls while she's doing her thing for the next 4 weeks. It will make you feel better.

    • @ update: you're being too patient with her. Either she's in or she's out. Excuses only come from girls with low interest level. You should talk to other girls,and if the girl in question contacts you, then great! If not, oh well...

  • If you really don't think you can make it work, then have a chat to her about maybe going no contact for a while. Give you both a chance to start moving on before it gets too heavy without any distractions. Then, when you're both ready you can strike up a friendship (if you so desire...)

  • If you miss her why don't you guys have a study date together once in a while? You don't have to physically do anything and if you really like her her presences should be well enough and vice versa. So you guys can spend your time studying and take a short and modest coffee break with one another before continuing.

    The only downside is that it's rather tempting to talk to one another or sometimes physically involved so I recommend only doing this if you can handle having her around without distracting you from your studies. And vice versa. Try it.

    Or if she's too busy, just drop by for a few minutes to show her you still care or think about her, give her a small snack or a drink to reenergize her before letting her continuing on studying. That way she'll be thinking about you (more maybe) and you had a chance to see her at least once a day and do a sweet thing for her.


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