What Are Your Favorite Anime Songs/Themes?!

For me, actually there are many Anime songs I like.

I will mention some here: ^-^

- HunterXHunter [I like almost all its themes, here are some ^_^]




- Kara no Kyoukai

Oblivious by Kalafina

[I like this band. Its members really have strong voices]




- Samurai 7


- Vampire Knight Guilty



- Vampire Knight


These are just some of my favorite..

Please share yours too!.. :D


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  • I love Yu Yu Hakusho's music (was obsessed with that anime for years). Homework ga Owaranai: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=3StzvKVBLYk

    Rurouni Kenshin's songs are great (especially the 4th Avenue Cafe ( https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=aTpuhrUXfuc ), Sobakasu (Freckles https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=oU1Ca-R_ees ) and Heart of Sword songs). Then when Tiggy redid Freckles on DDR? Oh my goodness. <3 https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=GIOuvZh8ISg

    I also think that the School Days anime and game have some really cute and/or pretty music. I have the School Days theme as one of my ring tones. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=8ZePDqDlJWE and there's a pretty delicate version here: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=qVimmToPNGU

    You know when you hear this song in School Days, you messed up! https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=2R41Lp3TLT0

    Marmalade Boy also has adorable songs that they play over and over throughout the series, like this one: Moment ( https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=KySnksvgEms ).

    • Woah why do I feel like a loser? lol

      I haven't watched anything from what you mentioned, I just watched few episodes of School Days anime, and it was so cute! Maybe I will add that delicate version a ring tone too, so cute. ^_^

      And Marmalade Boy song is cute too, hahah I'm repeating it. xD

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    • Hahah Your mom's taste is better than yours! lol :P :P :P

      But both are nice! ^_^

    • u.u I'm going to cry in my pillow now

      But I wasn't finished :)

      link Samurai Champloo

      and everything from Cowboy Bebop :)

    • Aww Please don't cry! :( *hug*

      Lol Yup this one is way better! :D

  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Unchanging Things - VERY TOUCHING

    Kiki's Delivery Service - Heartbroken Kiki

    Sailor Moon - Fighting evil by the moonlight (not so much likable as it is annoying and catchy)

    Sword of the Stranger - main theme - SUPER AWESOME

    Tenchi Muyo - Your Talent for Love

    xxxHolic - Zashiki Warashi's Theme

    There's a lot more that I like, but too many to remember.

    • Your taste is different, most guys chose

      something action or so chaotic. lol xD

      But I liked your choices actually sometimes

      I prefer the quiet relaxing ones

      I liked:

      The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Unchanging Things

      xxxHolic - Zashiki Warashi's Theme

      Tenchi Muyo Ending - Talent For Love

      But the main theme Sword of the Stranger, Is it this one link ?!

    • Sword of the Stranger - that is correct.

      My unusual taste of music weird to my friends too. I usually like listening to Indie and Classical music and my friends have often said I think like a girl, but I'm all man and I don't have a feminine side either. I'm too much of a calm guy, though I really like the opening theme from Final Fantasy Dissidia. Pretty much lost interest in action type media.

    • I understand what you mean. ^-^

      It's okay my cousin is the same, but he is really manly in appearance and behavior.

      Actually it's unique.. Keep being who you are and don't care about

      what people say.. you know yourself more than them, right?!

      I recommend listening to the songs I put then,

      all of them are kinds quiet too. ^-^

  • Currently I am ADDICTED to Kuroko's 2nd Opening: Rifmfire


    and Kuroko's 2nd Ending


    • Aww awesome. I like the ending more than the opening.

      And anything involves basketball is just awesome! :D

      Did you watch Slam Dunk?! ^_^

    • havent watched Slam Dunk, though I hear its better than Kuroko?!?!?!?!?!

      I'm in disbelief :p

    • Well I haven't watched too much of Kuroko so I can't judge now.

      But I guarantee that Slam Dunk is awesome..

      because they mix some hilarious crazy stuff with it. lol

      And the main character always makes me laugh haha. xD

  • Season one Black Lagoon opening

    4th opening (I think) of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (the song is called Period by CHEMISTRY)

    And of course Fighting Dreamers, It's a Naruto opening, I think the 3rd one.

    Really most of the openings by Kung Future generation are enjoyable :)

    • *Asian Kung-fu generation.

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    • I just say Fighting Dreamers because I feel that it pin points the feeling of Naruto really well, like when I listen to it I just FEEL Naruto's "BELIEVE IT!" determination flowing through me :D (Di I say feel enough in that sentence you think?)

      It's also the same thing for the FMA opening. Full Metal Alchemist is one of my favorite animes of all time, and when I listen to that song it's kind of like the excitement of watching it for the first time, relived. Ya dig?

    • Yeah I got ya! ^_<

      And I like Naruto's "Believe it"..

      I imitate it sometimes hahah xD

      Full Metal I always wanted to watch it,

      because my friend likes too much and always talks about it lol.

      But oddly enough, I watched many Animes but this one I always forget it. xD

  • Gundam was bad ass back in the day:


    • I need to watch Gundam Wing one of these days. I always thought the art was pretty and loved that song.

    • Aww Yeah, I really loved Gundam Wing when I was little lol. xD

      But the opening I listened to was this link (you can find the translation in the description), because it was dubbed. ^_^

  • Naruto Shippuden's 1st opening Hero's Come Back


    • Oh yeah I mentioned to the girl below that this song and Blue bird are the best of Naruto's... good choice! ^_<

    • thanks! :D

  • I like the and old Naruto Shippuden ending called Cascades from Unlimits. I heard they also sing a song from Bleach, but don't know which one.

    • Good choice.. I like it too! :)

      And I think this one is the best in Naruto Shippuden


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    • Ok, want me to add you again?

    • As you like! ^-^

  • Inuyasha ending songs are awesome...but I listen to so much Japanese music that I can't remember what' all on an anime or not, lol

    • Oh yeah couple of these endings are very good. ^_^

      And can you understand Japanese, or they are just your favorite?!

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    • Hahah many girls I know are crazy over this song. xD

      My sister's friends always listen to it and dance they addicted it lol.

      But I like Blues and Tell me Goodbye! :)

    • Nice, they are also good songs

  • I'm not really into anime, but I really liked the two endings of the one season of The Dark Butler. So different but both are marvelous :)

  • I've always been a fan of the Mermaid Melody opening theme, its just really cute.

    My all time favorite theme is Shojo S, the Bleach intro theme. It's so cool and the video is great, if only there were more like it. The Mew Mew Power theme is addictive and adorable, even after all of these years I still know all of the words lol

    The Dragonball Z theme always makes me want to punch something, in a good way though.

    The Tokyo Mew Mew theme is quite like a ballad, it's really great. There are so many to pick from but these are my faves.

    • Awww do you mean this one link ?!

      Your choices are CUTE! :3

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    • Hahah yeah sometimes when I listen to the cute kids anime songs,

      my mom comments I thought I will not have to listen to these things when you grow older lol. xD

    • Haha well with my mum she knows that me listening to these things was inevitable, even at this age with how I'm like now lol

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    • I knew that at least one user will mention Pokemon and DragonBall Z lol :P

      But I kinda like Pokemon's song too. ^-^

  • strike witches I love the show and it's music (just gotta bide my time until somebody subs the movie)


    okay there are some more(I like most of the music they play in strike witches)

    • I think she is the same singer in all of these songs.

      Yup they are good songs and they all sound happy. ^-^

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    • Good choices I liked them.. especially the first 2 links

      and the 5th link and hahah Death note I was listening to this yesterday!

      Although I'm not into metal but this one is just crazy and I like it,

      I don't know.. maybe because I like the anime itself! :D

  • lol the Evangalion intro song

    and the Outlaw star theme song

    both stuck in my head forever haha

    • I actually tried to search them but many other songs appeared in the results. xD

      Is it this one link ?!

      Can you provide the links?! ^_^

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    • No kidding, I get flashbacks haha

    • This question made people get flashbacks

      and made me put new Animes in my "To be watched" list. xD

  • Soul eater ending song

    full metal alchemist brotherhood opening again (Yui)

  • My list begins and ends with L'Arc-En-Ciel's "Driver's High", used as the first opening theme of "GTO".

  • Full Metal Alchemist (forgot the name of the song).

    Kotoko - Agony (Don't know the anime)

    Mami Kawada - PSI Missing (Toaru Majutsu no Index, I think)

    • Hmm full metal.. do you mean this song? link

      It's called "Again" by Yui, she's one of my favorite singers, and this song is one of my favorite. ^-^

      In general, Japanese produce good music.

    • Can't click the link on my phone right now. I remember now.

      It "Ready Steady Go".

      Also, I liked the English Shaman King opening.

  • I like Sakura Kiss from OHSHC.

    • Hahah this anime is hilarious. xD

      And the song umm it's cute! ^-^

    • OHSHC and Hetalia are my favorites. I love the Hetalia themes too.

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