What kind of guys do guys think women find sexy?

I'm curious because I think men often get it wrong about what they think women go after...so guys post a pic of any random or famous man that you think epitomizes what girls would be attracted to (you can also pick guys with characteristics that aren't just visual, just explain what they are) ...and girls vote it up or down with the thumbs depending on whether you actually think it's hot and feel free to comment on why.


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  • First of all we have to put into account that guys think first of sex and then relationship.

    Girls think first of relationship then sex.

    Girls have two tastes, guys they would have sex with and guys they want to be in a relationship with.

    The guys they want to be in a relationship are the ones they talk as "attractive".

    To me girls like guys that are slim, with thick arms.

    They like them tall, with a nice hair style that makes them look social.

    Also they like them to wear new looking clothing and look like city boys.

    Personality, they like guys that can be their boss, someone that can switch her around positions without having to ask for it and give her a good hard deep f*ck.

    We guys know that as long as you are popular, you are cooler and you can have most girls regardless of how you look.

    I mean, Leonardo DicCaprio isn't the best looking guy, but he dates the most beautiful women in the world.

    Johnny Depp looks weird, but he is famous, so the weirdness helps him because it makes him look more humble and attainable for girls.

    Brad Pitt is just cool, he has style, watch him in Fight Club or 12 Monkeys, he is just an ideal role model for guys.


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  • For like 80% of the women I think this applies:

    When they are 12 they like Justin Bieber.

    When they are 18 they like Channing Tatum.

    When they are 30 they like Patrick Dempsey.

    When they are 45 they like George Clooney.

    Some women claim they like nerds, they don't, they like models with glasses.

    Now a bunch of women will deny this passionately as a comment.

    • "Models with glasses" - so true!

    • the only guy on that list I ever found remotely attractive is george clooney...and I'm 23

      but the models with glasses thing is true lol...but that's true of guys too...when they say they want a nerdy girlfriend what they mean is they want a victoria secret model who plays WOW

  • It's no mystery what women like. Any decent looking guy, tall, that gives at least the impression of being in charge of the situation. I'd say those are the basic guidelines, but there's no strict metrics. If you're talking about celebrities, then even a guy like Joe Rogan would be chased by some women because he's got money and is famous, and some might even like his attitude. But when a guy is obviously very good looking to women, everyone knows this even other guys unless they have some learning disability. We aren't stupid. Basically look at most any male model for an example.

    • link

      do you mean this guy? really? that's the best you can come up with?

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    • maybe you're right in that success will always bring groupies...but do you really think he is the most attractive guy women would go after? what is it about him you think women would find appealing besides success and fame?

    • No, my point was that attractiveness to women isn't strictly driven by visual appeal. My point is that Joe Rogan can get much hotter women and more often than some model-looking nobody guy without fame or fortune.

  • Anybody but me...


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