Girl was putting her ass up against my arm?

I was at this college charity event at a bar. There was some funny stuff happening on the stage (drinking contest, auctioning people etc).

I was standing in the crowd beside a girl I'm friends with. I like her and I think she likes me(Shows the usual signs). We were both drinking like everyone else.

While she was talking to other people she had her ass right up against my arm. This went on for a while. She made no attempt to move away.

Why did she do this?

Was this intentional?

Was she aware of what she was doing?

Could she have done this by mistake?


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  • what a loser.

    she wanted you to finger-bang or maybe even fist-bang her ass and you did nothing about it.

    the whole thing is just preposterous.

    • You being sarcastic bro?

    • I agree with this answer. You missed your calling, bro

    • She was with her friends, what was I supposed to do?

  • If she was drunk and it was a crowded bar it could have been an accident and she just didn't realize it. Although if you say you flirt back and forth then it could have been intentional although I would think it would have eventually gone farther then just having her ass on your arm.

    • Should I just forget about her altogether after this?

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    • If it was intentional, won't she think I'm not interested in her?

    • Not necessarily,if you like her then go for it. It could have been intentional, drunkeness or subconscious. Try hanging out with her again and just turn it up a notch. Or just jump in and ask her already.

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