If you attract really smart guys, does it mean you're smart?

It's a stupid question but I just noticed that all the guys I had a thing for and who had a thing for me, studied at the 2 best universities in my country. And here in my country you can only pass those school years with a huge brain and not money.

Also, I have some friends who keep saying randomly that I'm intelligent but I was sure I'm not. can it happen that you think you're average or lower but other people perceive you as very intelligent?

Sorry for the weird question, guys! xD


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  • Not always. Guys like pretty/hot girls. AND we're mostly visual, meaning there's a high chance that your looks will be the only thing we'll care about when we approach you. Until we get to know more about you, the only thing that's keeping us interested is how you look. :o This pretty much applies to most guys, the only thing that differs is that some have higher standards than others (some are more picky, some only date "popular" girls, some only like super-skinny girls, etc.).

    Also something you might wanna know is that people who are intelligent tend to not realize how intelligent they are. This tends to be the case with the more intelligent someone is. So basically if you don't think you're that smart, or that you're smarter than other people, it's a good sign that you might be pretty smart. Interestingly enough, most stupid people tend to think they're smarter than they actually are. xD Which is pretty ironic and funny.

    Anyways, the fact that you have two guys who are both from this fancy university having a thing for you, doesn't necessarily mean they like you because you're smart. Especially if they don't know almost anything about you. :p But if you've talked to them and they know more or less what you're like, then yeah they MIGHT like you because of WHO YOU ARE, but in general we don't tend to judge people by how intelligent they are. It's just that the smarter you are, the better it is to talk with you, or you'l be funnier, etc. We don't care about the intelligence factor - we just care about the effects of it. :o Because I mean imagine if you're intelligent but you're boring and not fun to talk to? It wouldn't matter. So yeah there you go.

    • Yea as in I'm the only one who gets his jokes...and there weren't just 2 guys. 90% of the guys were from those Unis

    • Well then if you're the only one who gets his jokes that might be why he likes you. He might not even look at you as being intelligent, the only thing he'll be thinking about is that you like his jokes and that means bonus points for you! :p

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  • Not necessarily...smartness isn't the only thing that attracts smart guys, since tastes in each smart guy varies.

    In fact, some say that "opposites attract", so some smart guys will still be into dating hot bimbos! ;-D

  • What country do you live in?

    On topic: The 4 things that popped into my mind

    You're intelligent

    You're good looking

    You look easy

    You hang out in the same areas or have the same group of friends


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