Sweetheart with chili. What is that supposed to mean?

I asked my boyfriend in a loving cuddling way that I would appreciate and be very happy if he could be more open about his feelings for me, just some simple texts or a call from him that he misses me and loves me, to show interest in how is my day etc he hasn't improved one bit...like it doesn't matter to him, I tried one more time some days ago and to me he was like a boy not grown up enough to take my feelings serious and look me in the eye with love like a grown up man does, but while he did lay there goofy smiling while I tried to make him turn to look at me, he just said yes he hears me and said yes, sweetheart with chili...

Sweetheart with chili, what does that mean?

no joking answers please...as I am fed up with his lack of communication and consider move on if he doesn't wake up and treat me like a woman...

There are 3 top reasons why women leave their men and they are all there in my r/s..

neglect, no attention not feeling appreciated...feel like taken for granted...3 top mistakes men do when it comes to care for his woman..
if these things are not in the r/s the days one do not see each other then its unhealthy and a r7s can not develop and grow..
only answer to my question will be responded too


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