How long does it take for a guy to get or develop "game"? to become boyfriend material, work on himself,

improve himself, fix his approach, get better social-skills, conversation-skills, overall, the skills required, needed in order to get a girlfriend? because I'm 24, almost 25 and still single, never had a girlfriend, obviously still a virgin, I don't want to miss out on my 20's years of dating and relationships, sex, I hate it how people say "better late than never", to me it is more like "better never than late"

I feel I should I have had the skills, "game" in order to get a girlfriend in my teen years and early 20's years, people say age is just number but it matters to me. I would love to have my first girlfriend as soon as possible, even if it means ending in heart-break, getting cheated on, because I would rather have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!


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  • Give it a full year of trying hard. Set goals for approaching a certain number of girls, making new friends, working out more, etc. You have to set goals and keep them. It will take a full year. Take this from a guy who was in your spot at age 28.

    • thanks, sounds like a good plan

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  • There is no "time" because even the best people in this field have not "arrived".

    Its all about getting out there and exposing yourself to the situations.

    Keep this in mind. many guys who use lines or getting girlfiends not because of the lines they use or what they say, but in spite of them.

    Being genuine goes along way.

    • well I don't want to date or be in a relationship with a woman that is 10 years or more younger than me that's why

  • lol... I'm 66 years old so I might be able to give you something that will help you the rest of your life.

    what if I told you that there could be as many as 1/2 dozen girls just wishing you'd look their way right now. HAS THAT GOTTEN YOU ATTENTION!

    I can see your expression now and hear the thoughts in your head as well... this guy is dumb or crazy. but that doesn't mean what I said is untrue... you've probably been missing it because guys like us (yes I was just like you didn't meet and get married until I was 24 years old but previous to that I was dateless and girlfrindless)

    what was it I was missing you may asking

    female body language something women do that most of the time is subconscience and tells a guy if she's interested in him or not. its called flirting.. yet its a special kind of flirting that only shy girls will use because bolder more confident girls don't need to.

    do a google on shy girls body language and body signals. read at least 10 different web articles but I suggest even more. yes you may see some repeat info buteach page you'll also see more that wasn't on another web page also or more in depth on the subject.

    I can say this after reading a few of these aticles you'll start rememebering some cute girl acting or doing some of the things she may have been doing. not just one girl but possibly several girls acting or reacting when in your presence.

    now these girls want to be with you if you see several of these signals in a short given space of time and you could be assured that if you ask them nicely they 90% of the time won't reject to it.

    i'm thinking right now that what you've got posted here I that your 100% of the time rejected when approaching or 100% of the time never approach the girl because of h fear of rejection.

    so here you have the odds stacked in your favor of 90% will accept if you ask

    there could even be a girl that you believe way out of your league that is somewhat shy when around you flirting with you.

    HERE'S A BIG QUESTION ... what do you have to loose by reading at least 10 of these articles

    accept maybe some time BUT what do you stand to gain if you do and you as I said remember so and so doing just those things ... do I really need to say more

  • There are somany like you; there's nothing wrong with you. Girls are mostly just about money these days, there's nothing 'game' about dating.

    Find someone with common interests and listen to them until you find smeone compatible. It shouldn't take long. Join a club or organization that appeals to you; make sure it's not all male,though!

  • You don't have to acquire "game" in order to have a girlfriend or successful relationship. In fact, most girls don't want a boyfriend with "game", because then he seems like a player. Don't worry about being inexperienced! Just go out there and talk to girls. Don't approach a random girl on the street and beg her to have sex with you, but take it slow. Work on yourself first- attend a public speaking seminar to gain speaking skills, join a gym to improve your confidence, start hanging out with people who are not in your immediate group of people, etc.

    • I don't think he's talking about being a player.

      Hes talking about being the type of guy that can actually approach women without being nervous, seeming creepy or have the general social skills to attract a woman.

      Real "game" is therefore having the skills to talk to women and have them enjoy your company.

      Coming off as a "player" would negate the entire purpose.

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    • You have no social skills. And?

    • and girls do not need social-skills since they don't have to approach

  • Theres not set time.

    My boyfriend tells me he used to be quite shy and one day he just decided "stuff this" and started working at being more confident and having 'game'.

    It's all about mindset. You have to be ready to give things a go and prepared for failure cause you need the practise regardless...

    So, if you really are in the right zone, make the change ! start talking to people you don't know.. even start by being a bit more chatty with the strangers you are forced to interact with in everyday life like cashiers and service assistants...

    If the idea of 'game' really interests you, you should watch a show called "the pickup artist". Its a reality show based around the skills a guy who wrote a book on 'having game' deemed useful for facilitating friendships and sometimes more with girls :)

    • what do you mean there is no "set time"?

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    • Dude, for someone who is on an advice site, you seem completely resistant to advice.

      Fair enough you don't like it - but it is the social norm. So decide - do you want to make the best out of the way things are or do you want to sit around with your fingers crossed hoping things will magically become more suitable for your needs?

      I always say make the norm your bitch. Make reality work for you. Why waste time feeling negative about it?

    • makes me wish I can beat up a girl's boyfriend out of jealousy and anger

  • if only it were that easy

  • i'd say at least a year or 2


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