Boyfriend suggested we do less sexual things and more activities... is that bad?

The other day my boyfriend suggested that we do less sexual things and more activities that don't take place in the bedroom. Should I take that in a bad way? Or a good way? I feel like we're just so busy that when we DO get together generally we're so tired all we want to do is hang around in bed haha. Maybe I was wrong...
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  • Trust me, it's a very good thing. Don't worry about it at all. Just make the best moments with the guy. He just wants to spend quality time with you in another setting rather than just the bedroom. Guys really like sex, we actually crave for it a whole bunch, but I think in this case that he thinks this isn't right, that you two should do more than sexual things or sex, he wants to do better. I think he owes it to this relationship that you should feel appreciated and loved in every single way: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Go out and have some fun together. Smile. Laugh. Live. Make memories. Those are the most memorable and last forever, a life time.

    • Aw thanks! Yeah, I mean, honestly, we're so busy that really do never go out and do things. Plus, it's so expensive. In fact, we have actually never done anything together... other than dinner, watched movies for free... and yeah, that's pretty much it.

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  • No, this isn't bad at all.

    He just wants to bond and spend time with you outside the shallow-yet-very-pleaurable realm of sex.

    Let your boyfriend show you off to the world! ;-)

    • Aw cute! So he still likes me! haha

  • Yes this is very bad. I've got experience in this department and YES it is BAD. Sounds like he is pulling away and isn't that into you anymore.

    • ah that would be sad!

    • I would suggest trying to make time for other activities, but also keep making time for sex! Its very important. If he seems like he is losing his sex drive, you need to find out why!

    • haha oh. well we pretty much haven't done any activities together other than been in bed haha. so maybe he has a point

  • Honestly I thought it was weird too but as you get older relationships are a bit different I think. My boyfriend doesn't want to all the time but I do. He would rather us do things together and not be in the room the whole day. I think that's fine. It's quality not quantity he says :P

    • awww cute! I'm glad that wasn't a negative thing then!

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    • Nope I'm with him all the time :)

    • haha awww!

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