How do I introduce myself to the cute guy in res?

So I just moved to university in August and I live in res and there's this one reallllly cute guy who I think I'd have some stuff in common with, based on the way he dresses and stuff (if that makes sense). Anyway, problem is, I don't know anything about him except which floor he lives on (I know that because I was in the elevator with him once and saw which floor he got off on). so I have no idea how to introduce myself to this guy or strike up conversation. Any advice would be AWESOME!



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  • Try complimenting him on his shirt or something. Like if its a band t-shirt that you recognize, say something about the band like, "Oh you like so and so too? I looooooove so and so". Or if you're feeling particularly bold and direct try something like "I like your style, I don't think we've met, I'm so and so". Good luck. Guys, even cute guys, are much easier to approach than you think.

    • thanks!:) didn't even think of that, but totally seems obvious, and not too awkward :p

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    • erm fail... I'm pretty sure my answer is better.

    • Which one lol? The one where she downs a bottle of grey goose and goes for his crotch or just saying hi at the party? I agree that parties are great ways to meet people, much easier to conquer your nerves when you're drunk, but I'd think she want to stand out in this guy's mind. That way she's not just some random chick from some random party. That's my opinion at least.

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  • There's no 'slick' or 'cute' way to do this. Just walk you to him the next time you see him and introduce youself. Ask him if he'd like to go somewheer for coffee.

    Or you could do the same thing with a friend if you're too shy to do this by yourself, and go out as a threesome. Or maybe ask if he has a friend and go out as a foursome, since you're all living the same place.

  • Go up to him, take a bottle of Grey Goose, down like 1/5th of it, put your hand on his lap and say: "I want you inside of me NOW". Then hell follow up with what's your name and sh*t like that... and there you met him

    • On a serious note in res parties or frat parties all a girl needs to say is Hi, anything above that makes you look easy IMO, so really if you're gonna say anything else just go with the I want you inside of me NOW cause that's how itll translate

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