How can I get a better grip on my emotions?

My mother had a stroke, since them I have been trying to go about my life like I always have, I have been worried about her but I do check and see if she is okay. My issue is since hearing the news I cried once, which is rare for me but I think its reasonable.

I haven't told anyone outside 2 friends and the GAG community, they were very helpful. I smile I laugh and I continue living. Aside from the one time the first night I heard the news I have been going as usual. That was a week ago, I have been working and living like I always have, never stopping. Now that I am facing some time off the reality of it sets in... I am scared, I am emotional, and I want nothing more than to break down and have someone comfort me.

I have noticed I want to break down, I want to fall to pieces but I am unable to do anything but carry on like normal. I don't know if there is some psychological reason behind it or what... It's almost maddening to keep moving when you want nothing more than to just fall down and give up.


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  • Its okay to cry sometimes if you feel like crying..dont be ashamed just because you're a guy. you're only human you know.. and in a girl's perspective, real guys do cry. We all need at least someone to comfort us once in a while..what you're going through is just normal.

    almost all people go through hard times at some point of their lives. There are many people who have worse problems than us but are able to get on and continue living and moving on..and

    i think the reason why you don't fall down into pieces is because you're strong.

    You're strong enough to handle what life throws at just keep moving and don't give up. :)

    • I feel like I should. I feel like I should be able to just be like "I am having a hard time and I can't handle this." I want to be able to just fall down, I think I have every right to but I can't. There are times when I feel like crying and calling my friends or even an ex who has been trough this too, but I can't. The other day I really wanted to tell a friend about my mom but I just smiled and acted like I was okay. I'm tired of acting but I can't seem to do anything else.

    • You just need someone to share all of these with. someone who can listen and understand and maybe someone who went trough the same thing or some difficult times and was able to successfully get through it. what you are doing right now (sharing it) is actually healthy for you.

      believe me, you're strong. if you want to break down and cry, then do it. falling doesn't make you any weaker. we all need a break sometimes. just don't give up. if you need additional friend, then add me ;D

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