Has a past situation, that you you thought long over with, come back to hurt you?

Was it your fault, or were you just the victim?

Please tell us what happened.


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  • Yes, I treated a guy really badly just because my friend at the time didn't like him, and then years later I found myself working next to him. He was still resentful and eventually, I left that job beause of him.


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  • I was the victim but to be fair, also always the pursuer and excitement generator w/inheritance, so her family pushed her into marriage ... when she immediately changed, drew away. When it became crystal clear our lives had to change or be in a muddy rut, more college for me bored her to death. Then fighting in small town for business created more "gals night out" until she latched onto a married pizza guy, self involved/spolied enough to consider ruining two marriages. Sneaking around covered up with broadcasting horrible lies gave her family, friends, social support to divorce .. over months of time until she was nice & cozy over that emotional bridge ... leaving me a wreck.

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  • I was in a horrible myarraige, his cheeting, verbal and physical abuse..you move past it but certain situations still haunt you. I think it does affect current relationships.

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