My first speeding ticket and I need help

so I thought the speed limit was 80 but it turned out to be 60 he gave me a ticket 4 317 dollers and 4 points I live in ontario and what should I do I have a appt with the procutier in dec but what do I say I have know money and it wasent my attion to speed


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  • that ticket seems very high $ , were you speeding through a school zone ? or construction zone ? I got a ticket a couple years back and it was for less and didn't come with any points in a similar speeding zone .

    also the prosecutor might offer you a deal if you have no record in traffic court , they might reduce the fine or speed a bit but your still going to have to pay something and have a ticket on record for 3 years

    • past 15 MPH over the speed limit the $ of the ticket skyrockets. That's pretty close to what I would get in CA

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    • i was going 42 km over

    • so you were doing 100 km in a 60 km zone that makes more sense . I think there going to have to fine you for that . they might reduce the amount a bit if you don't have any record as I said before . it doesn't matter if it was a back road its still a road and fines the same as anywhere else . your insurance could go up especially if you have any previous tickets

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  • Back in the spring, I got nailed going 84 in a 50 zone on the edge of Orangeville...

    I was also driving without proof of insurance (boss had card in his wallet instead of in the car)

    (Luckily, the Police Officer didn't issue a ticket for that, just yelled at my boss)

    My Ticket was 4 points and $270.

    I made the appointment to see the prosecutor (he was really CUTE btw)

    I didn't really have to say anything.

    He asked me if that is what I was charged with.

    He asked if I saw the sign

    He told me that this was my first offence.

    Reduced the ticket to 15 over, $45 fine, $60 all told with fee's...

    No points

    No insurance bump

    Dress nice..

    Look sweet

    Don't be bitchy...

    • i dident see the sine should I tell him that I did think it was an 80 zone and I did not have any attictions of speeding

    • I thought I was in an 80 zone.. I didn't see the 50 sign...

      but like I said, he asked if my ticket matched his papers "yes"

      did you see the sign? "no sir"

  • all those laws were explained when you took lessons and passed your test.

    so I'm afraid you can't plead ignorance.

    you were told the speed limits and how to read signs that tell you what that limit is.

    all you can do is pay the fine for breaking the law and be more careful in future.

  • Goodness, *dollars, *prosecutor, *no, *wasn't, *intention, and also use periods- they help to separate your sentences and aid in retention by the reader.

    Now, nowhere on any common road is the speed limit 80 lol, even in Canada. You have no other option but to meet with the prosecutor over it on your court date, besides hiring an attorney who may be able to negotiate it down for you. But that would cost even more money which you say you don't have.

    The prosecutor will deal with you on a somewhat personal basis and will hear your situation in regards to accepting the punishment/fine (unless you want to do the silly thing and actually argue the case). You were speeding 20 over, now you must accept the consequences for getting caught. Welcome to the world :)

    • in canada they use km's an hour not miles an hour . a lot of roads are 80 km an hour speed limit here even smaller back highways and roads if they have a lot of traffic . but she was way over so I think she's stuck with this ticket and will get a large fine and lose some points

    • im sory but I'm not that smart and your bulling me do you know people kill them self when people say mean things like this if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything eles ... theirs your periods

    • What ryanontario said below \/

      @QA, using the media suicide stories huh? Doesn't work. Anyway, just take the ticket and move on.

  • Suck it up and pay the ticket. And if you can't afford a speeding ticket then slow your ass down.


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