Most Reliable Smartphones in terms of Software and Hardware?

What companies are well established in producing smartphones that are both reliable (As reliable as they get) in terms of hardware and software consistantly?

I have a Sony Xperia Arc S and have only had it for a few months (my first smartphone), it has terrible battery... (although no issues have occurred with it), the hardware seems well built but I have a major problem with the software recently programs have been failing to start and when I try to use certain programs it fails to operate (if anyone knows a fix it woudl eb appreciated)


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  • Samsung Galaxy S3 has the best hardware. It is also the most reliable and smoothest. Also it has a replaceable battery (huge bonus) and you can also buy storage cards (called microSD cards) for more data storage. It also comes with NFC (near field communication) meaning you can share photos and other fun media with friends instantaneously if they're near you.

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 uses a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED screen which is more vibrant and has much higher contrast than the iPhone's screen. Also a 4.8" screen is much preferable over a 4" screen as most people these days prefer a larger screen (unless you're a midget with tiny hands). It also comes with a more durable battery (2100mAh).

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has better 3G/4G LTE Internet speeds and also more RAM. This means webpages will load more quickly and there is less delay. The call quality and antenna quality on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also much better than the iPhone 5.

    Do NOT get iPhone 5. It has the worst maps app ever (Apple ruined iOS 6 so bad). Tim Cook had to make a statement to apologize and said that iPhone users should download Google maps instead. Such a fail for Apple. The iPhone 5 also lacks NFC so it is less sociable.

    The iPhone 5 has the smallest screen out of any modern smartphone at 4". This makes reading text harder and the touchscreen has build quality problems (reported by many users). So watch out, there is a high chance you might get an iPhone with a crappy touchscreen.

    • Oh and for your own sake, do NOT buy a Sony phone. Sony makes the worst phones in the industry.

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    • Actually Sony makes terrible hardware. Don't be fooled by some of the 13MP sensors they use on their smartphones because they produce lower quality images than 8MP sensors.

      For cameras, higher MP does not mean better.

      For all other hardware, Sony phones are crap and disappointing.

    • they produce lower quality images then 8mp camera's because they are terrible at coding it... higher pixels doesn't always mean better quality because it has to be coded right and sony are bad at doing that.

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  • I'm going to say iphone. And its not because Apple is such a wonderful amazing company.

    Its because iOS has to support like 4 different phones. Period.

    Android is trying to be open platform.

    Its just a hell of a lot easier to do quality control when you control hardware, OS and tightly regulate software as well.

    • I'm not really a big fan of apple products so would prefer to stick to android. I don't think the issue was with the operating system itself that messed up my phone, I know some phones are more reliable then others but it seems my particular phone just messes with the software itself

    • I understand. TBH I really didn't want to get an iphone, but ended up getting one anyway.

  • Proud user of a samsung galaxy here. Fast, nice software, easy to deal with. I've dropped it a number of times and not a scratch. Some apps do weird stuff, but it's the app problem. quite good.

    • Remember Samsung is also an American company. Approximately 45% of shareholders of Samsung are American. Samsung employs hundreds of thousands of Americans.

      So buy Samsung.

      Stay away from crap and cheap brands like Sony.

    • Bit I don't really care if it's American... it's about quality..

    • my last phone before this was a samsung (none smart phone) that lasted 9 years, been dropped, wet and everything done to it and still works fine. the hardware is fine also on my sony however the software is pretty broke now... I'm wondering if samsung maintain their durability in software and hardware when they moved to smartphones ...

  • Well, androids are pretty much as good as iOS now, so it's down to personal preference

    Hardware wise, the iPhone 4S&5(Very similar processor) are the best, but I'm pretty sure the next Samsung Galaxy is going to be better on software and hardware


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