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dating a guy I met off of Facebook and he is away playing football. he will be back in December and that will be when we finally meet. we been talking for almost two months and I like him. he's family, goal and god oriented but he has a hard time expressing himself and communicating at times with me. I know he is busy but it feels like its always about him and what he is going through. Sometimes I feel like its only me in this relationship. he claims he doesn't mean for it to be that way. he's either busy or just have a hard time expressing himself. he recently said he wants to wait until marriage to have sex with me but we can o it a few times when he gets here so that way it doesn't feel like I'm missing out...does this sound worth it to you? I'm ready to give up on him. its not the distance, it's because I still feel alone and like he isn't trying hard enough to get to know me or make this work...HELP


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  • If you really aren't feeling it now, how are you gonna feel it in a relationship? You should be confident about being with the other person, there shouldn't be all these little things that you feel like you'll have to put up with.

    • And I don't want to force anything or miss out on something that can be good. Would you date a guy like this? Should I say goodbye to him and move on now?

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    • I'm impatient already but I am trying to try something different since they say good things come to those who wait but I am getting tired. So I guess we shall see. Thank you for your advice

    • your welcome!

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