What are some of your most pressing religious questions?

I've met some people who say they can pretty much answer anything as far as christianity - not just that but prove it too. I want to see if they actually can so I'm wondering if any of you other guys have any questions on your mind at the moment regarding God and stuff?
Okay, I figure it will be best to do an overall rebuttle to all your questions. They have all been asked thus far, with every last one of them with an answer ( to my surprise still - ) I am still in the learning / questioning part so I have more lessons to attend. I want to make sure I can report the responses appropriately, precise and logically - I will write an article on the web over these questions and then post the link as soon as everything is finalized :)


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  • There 2 types of people who would have commented on your post (1) who are believers of any religion and want clarifications or just want to challenge a point; (2) disbelievers. Any religion is a belief. You either believe it or you don't. Religion is not science where you start disecting to ask why and why not. You can never answer the qusrtions of the second group and you don't really need to. So, please spend your time on the answers accordingly. You should only answer the disbelievers if you feel they are open to learn. Please remember that.

    • Yes I am totally keeping that in mind. My article is not to convince or persuade the audience, I just want to inform them of the interesting discovers I have made talking / studying with these random group of people I ran into. I mean, what they have shown me and what they say...I haven't found doubt in it as I did before. I think it will be something worth writing about in general as opposed to trying to convert other people. I can't do that anyway, you have to come to God on your own.

    • I'm not a Christian but I am relatively religious. And I like your thinking. Good luck.

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  • Why would a perfect and omniscient being be jealous and require everyone to worship it? I know children who have gotten over jealousy. If it demands worship and is jealous and capricious it certainly isn't perfect.

    God wants everyone to worship and follow him and, if they don't, they burn in hell for all eternity. What does this type of attitude say about his character?

    Why if he's all knowing would he create an angel (Lucifer) that would eventually betray him and force his hand to create a hell? I don't want the answer "we cannot know the will of God" or "God works in mysterious ways" because a lot of people act like they know all about it.

    Why can't we remove the negative stuff in the Bible? Like the pro slavery stuff and the more hateful and gruesome things? I feel like any of us can make the Bible a better book in 10 minutes or less.

    Why if prayer is so effective and can suspend physics to create miracles has God never healed amputees? People seem to pray for things that are possible but if God is omnipotent anything is possible with his power.

    How did Noah fit the millions and millions of species of animals on this planet into his ark? It doesn't take a mathematical genius to realize the physical impossibility of this.

    Why do innocent children have to suffer with terminal diseases such as cancer? What part of 'God's plan' is this exactly?

    If Jesus died on the cross and spent three days in hell to pay for the sins of the world, then why would we have to go to hell ourselves and pay for them again? God is then, in essence, being paid for our sins twice. With that said, was Jesus' sacrifice not worthy enough? If that is the case, why should we care that he died for our sins if his sacrifice means nothing at all?

    If God wants us all to follow and worship him, why didn't he create us as such? *Your expected answer will be addressed in the next question.

    What good is it for us to have free will if the intention is for us not to use it? Sure, we can use our free will, but we will burn in hell for eternity if we do. Russian roulette, anybody? It sounds like a set-up to me.

    If God is omnipotent, why does he not just show himself to all of us, all at once, thereby ending this game of free will and temptation? Why must he take great lengths to remain hidden?

    Christians argue evolution by asking why there aren't any half-ape/half-men walking around today, right? Why don't we see giants, fiery talking serpents, talking donkeys and many other mythical creatures that are described in the Bible?

    If God created everything, why did he create AIDS, influenza, ebola, ecoli and so on and so on? These, as viruses, are living things. Why would he create flesh eating parasites? You definitely can not use the free will card for this one. Is this another part of 'God's plan'?

  • Why are there so many similarities between the Egytian God Horus, The Persian God Mithras, and the Hindu God Krishna. Such as being born of a virgin. Being a carpenter. Being visited by 3 wise men. Performing miracles, walking on water, having 12 disciples, being killed and then rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. Hundreds of years before Jesus or the bible or christianity?

    • question, when were all those other gods born? When were their birthdays?

    • link

      There you go :)

    • Thanks RedThread. Not to menion Easter was originally a Pagan fertility holiday (I forget all the details) But Christians try to say its all about Jesus now.

  • Is the bible a literal account or an account hidden within metaphors that truly describe the accounts in both the old and new testaments?

    Ex: is the book of revelation really the end...or the end of life as we know it? Is it the end of ignorance and the beginning of enlightenment...or worldwide destruction?

    • I can honestly say - the bible is indeed a hidden account. Notice that it speaks with " parables," which are sorta like poetry to convey a hidden message. Why was it written this way? Because God wanted those of us willing to listen and understand it to seek that enlightment. The bible also has mated verses that highlight great points within it's books / chapters. This is what also makes the bible hard to read at first glance, because it goes against human established order in a sense

    • I'm not 100% sure why it is written this way, but I can ask about the mated verses. Revelations is a very...intense book of the bible. VERY intense. It seems like it summarizes the events passed into the events current and that of the future, but I'll ask about Revs for sure.

      All I know as far as Revs is that it has a lot of prophecy in it being fufilled at this very moment. It's actually kind of terrifying that we are living in the age described in Revelations.

    • I was told today though, that he bible is not dominantly literal; and too be careful of envisioning four headed monsters, and dragons as Rev tends to describe. These are parables for much greater things than just some four headed monster.

      Ex: Take in account the " woman and the dragon," in Revs - it is actually about the Devil attacking God the Mother with the desire to kill her children ( who we are.) Not an actual dragon.

      And why yes, we do have a Mother God :D

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    • I love QualiaSoup! His video on secularism is awesome!

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    • lot of people will check in on :)

    • Okay wow, I just finished going over your Qualia soup and relaying it fully, man o man does it run deep lol. I would love to chat with you about it - I was going to post an article but I was warned not to do that as the internet is an easily decievable place. Since we can't meet face to face, I guess the best way to do it would be a personal I'm if you'd like? I'll send a friend request :)

  • And the biggest most mind boggling question to me is this: It is a common belief among Christians that the only unforgivable sin is consciously rejecting Christ as Lord and savior. With that said, it is also believed by Christians that those who have never heard of Jesus and the Christian faith, i.e. individuals within an isolated tribe, babies and so forth, have no concept of Christ and can not, therefore, be in the position to consciously reject him. This would allow them entrance into heaven by default. With that said, why would you tell anyone about Christ? Why would you spread the word if that would put them in the position to consciously reject him? If they are already going to heaven due to their ignorance of the word of God, why not just let that be? You would, in effect, be losing more souls to Satan by spreading the word.

    • All very wonderful questions that I'm eager to ask! I'm going to have to message you because of this epic post lol, but I'm printing out these questions now to ask :) The majority of them thus far, and from the little bit I've studied, have very clear and precise answers. I want to double check though with the people who are wiser than me to be sure though. I will message you soon brother ^^ Keep wondering!

    • I've sent you a friend request so we can talk :)

  • I want them to explain why god apperantly personally took time and designed ME. I do not want some genaric answer that "god made you because he loves you." or "God has a plan for you.".

    No I am just an average dude that will not change anything. Why was I created? What is the meaning of my existence that was so important that god had to do it himself?

  • Why would an all-powerful being that exists outside of our concepts of time and space even care about our opinions about it?

    • I actually asked them something similar to this and they were excited to share a very impressive answer - but I was so entralled by what these people were showing me that I've never seen in religion before that I got side tracked :P I'll ask em again for sure without the side tracking this time lol.

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    • I didn't get the full lesson yet as we ran out of time, ( we were studying for like five hours lol,) but apparently your question has touched on something very deep and profound within the bible. It will be explained but I'll probably have to message you for that one lol.

      However, he left me with this verse:

      Isaiah 55: verse 8

      " For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord."

      Basically this means that God doesn't care what you think of him

    • essentially; you see, it is moreso of your heart and your thoughts / opinions spiritually that matter. God calls to all those whom listen, he's not vying for favorites or to be liked - but the love that develops between him and his chosen people make it impossible not to like the guy.

      This I know doesn't conclude your question very well, but like I said, this is a lesson I'm yet to learn, and when I do, I will happily share it with you :)

  • What I call Fraser's dilemma. If we work religious magic by fulfilling a set list of criteria on the documentable assurance that a specific outcome will occur, however at the same time must request, enlist or coerce the aid of a spirit to do it, why is the spirit involved at all or how are we able to record it with accuracy? Surely if it is left in the hands of another entity the results will differ each time, and if the results are the same each time it must simply be scientific law. And yet it is neither.

    This is kind of without the scope of Christianity, though.

    • okay lemme make sure I read this right lol, you want to know how the " spirit " is involved or aids when called upon to produce a desired outcome of some sort?

      You are good with words, I can't follow as accurately as I want to read :P

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    • Yeah. And; you're slipping into preaching to me. Please, don't preach to me.

    • Lol I'm not preaching you silly, I'm telling you what I honestly feel. Your a very wise person, gifted with language and perception. All I'm saying, is to use it well brother :)

  • why is Christianity the right religion?

    • Ah this is what I challenged them with the second day I studied with them. I understood a bit more to see why it is stated this way, but I didn't write down the evidence they showed me. I remember them saying that there is only one God, thus, there is only one religion truly established beneath him. Something to that effect, but I will double check that for you brother :)

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    • no link? but those are just assumptions and jumping to your own conclusions

    • lol I'm not done writing it. I haven't jumped to any conclusions, all I stated was that it helps to know the beginning to logically understand your questions which I specifically address in the article. You can't put frosting on a cake without knowing how to bake / make it first - or there's no reason to frost it from the get go. Likewise, I can't express why it's the only religion without first addressing the very deep roots of it's coming.

  • Ask them to prove that the original bible (not the one that kept getting translated into a book of MAN and not of GOD) says that eating pork is allowed.

    • The original bible is proved through " prophecy," that is, events God predicted thousands of years ago, taking place as he stated. No human can prophecy, and fufill as the bible shows as pristine as it does. No human can even fathom such a story that has unfolded, and is still unfolding within the bible. Take for example the surrounding of Jeruselum in the year 68 AD - to it's overall destruction and turmoil in 70 AD - Go ahead look it up if you desire

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    • Then I must have read your question wrong. Did you want to know what makes the original bible legitiment? Why should you believe in something that's been translated into something written by man?

    • Oh no. In simple words: Majority of Christians believe that Bible does not forbid them from eating pork. Am I wrong? I want to see where does it say it is OK to eat pork. I do not mean meat in general.

  • If Jesus and spider-man got into a fight, who would win?

    • lol hmm a guy with super spider powers vs a supernatural being with all power...?

      Spiderman definitely :P

      Any serious questions?

    • No.

    • okay. have a wonderful day ^^

  • Do you feel that science isn't real, and has no basis in reality, or proves nothing? Do you feel that science is bad? Like science is a form of heresy? Do feel that it should not be taught, and that we should switch to intelligent design?

    • Okay I'll ask them :) I have a " study " with them tomorrow so check in to this question around this time.

      I talked about science a bit before, very briefly as I am a science major, and one of them hinted at something as " ah, the bible speaks well of mankind and their " science," That's a study I can't wait to do! But I wrote these questions down to ask them specifically as well. Thanks!

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    • Neat fact as well, Adam and Even were not the first humans on the planet, I have no idea where people got that conclusion from as the bible clearly shows that they were not. A good example is of Cain and Abel their two sons; Cain killed Abel and was thus banished out into the world. Logically, that means only 3 people in total were accounted for here. Yet the next verse talks about Cain laying with his wife. What? I thought Eve was the only woman? No...there were many other people on the Earth too

    • People say how can there be dinosaurs, cavement - evolution! We clearly see that these things existed long before. Yes, yes they did. The bible does not go against evolution, it even talks about God speaking on how fast the son moves and how it will rise on either side of the Earth.

      Science is not the opposition of religion, but more of a sister honestly. They are quite related, and the roots of science are buried within the bible :)

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