How would you react if your boyfriend told you about his past that his ashamed with?

my boyfriend was talking to me one night and he was under a lot of pressure from his parents and siblings. and told me about some things he did when he was younger (that he is really ashamed of).

he felt really heart felt cause he was crying and all.

And said some things about his big brother did like a phone and something doing with an ass.. then he said the things he did. (e.g when he was 10- making out with a girl in the toliets at a sports carnival and being even closer at that age.) he felt really ashamed.

with how he was I broke mentally . and he tryeed to came down


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  • what is your question? You are angry at him? Ashamed of him? Feel sorry for him?

    Hopefully you care for him and can just listen to him and tell him that all that is in the past and you are looking forward not backward. There is nothing else you can do.


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  • I would feel that we are getting to a different point in our relationship.

    My boyfriend opening up to me about things that are very personal, and not easy to talk about is a big deal.

    I would feel closer to him, and try to be his shoulder to lean on.

    Whatever happened to him I wouldn't judge him.

  • His brother shoved a phone up his a**? That's rough man.


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