What's his problem? :/

So there is this guy in one of my clubs and classes and he was a really sweet person at first, infact he would awkwardly stare at me whenever he gave speeches (like he wouldn't break eye contact), and what not.

But one night he came to one of our club events with a petite girl and I automatically assumed it was his girlfriend (but I am not sure) since he is a smart and very attractive guy, he's like a 8 or 9 on my scale, I am a 7 at my best :/

Well anyways he was trying to talk to me again and the petite girl was just staring at me and so I tried to inch away because I felt very uncomfortable and he kept inching closer. I was thinking "dude what are you doing? You're girl is right there." I probably looked very closed off and I think he got the point.

He kinda has these straight and kind of serious looks around me now, he doesn't approach me anymore ect...

Does what I did really make a guy capable of hating or disliking someone?

I know I was wrong on my part but grudges? I mean come on, it was only one night. -_-


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  • Eh he probably just lost interest. And maybe him and the girl had a talk about it and agreed not to talk to you, who knows?

    I don't think you were wrong though... :p


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