Is this a good mile time?

I don't know what I can even do at this point for athletics (basically out of college), but I just started caring about running again. Today I was at home, at a ton of food, drove back to college, got out of the car and ran. About half way through I realized I was dehydrated and that slowed me down. I felt weak running which would not have happened if I had prepared and hydrated before hand. That would probably shave 20 seconds off the time.

I ran .85 miles in 4:30 without pushing myself fully for the last decent amount. So assuming I keep this pace, it'd be a 4:53 mile time. This is with zero prep, little stretching, and not pushing myself. Not to mention I run once a week.

I feel good about it. If I trained a little more, hydrated, and stretched a ton before the run, how low do you think I could get that number? Is it something that with some training, I could compete in meets?
Supposed to say "ate a ton of food"


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  • 4:53 isn't bad at all, especially considering that you're just starting again!

    My fastest mile time is about 4:40, but I'm a girl. I try to run 3-6 miles every day.

    But try to keep up your endurance. If you can run a 5k in about 20 minutes, that's really good. Running one mile is nothing compared to 3 miles.

    Do stretch though! It's vital to running, not that it makes you run faster but it prevents injuries.

    Definitely push yourself. If running is fun to you, then pursue it. If you trained more and dedicated yourself to it, you could probably run a 4:30 mile.

    Good luck! Make sure to get a good pair of trainers!

    • I'd be interested to see how much time I could shave off by just hydrating before hand and pushing myself to the end. But thanks for the info! I don't necessarily enjoy running a ton, but I love going when I need to get my mind off something. I would go for longer distances but I get so bored :P So I think I'll train to mush myself for the best mile time possible. Then if I get bored going after that, I'll train for a 5k max.

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    • As of February, 2008 that is Alan Webb of South Lakes HS in Reston, VA who ran a 3:53.43 at the Prefontaine Classic in 2001.

      a woman is not even close to that

    • Dude, give it a rest. Look up the womans world record. It is relatively close to that. This girl runs every single day and her best was a 4:40. I think you're just annoyed and won't take her answer for what it is, because she's better than you at that... and it hurts you to know that a girl is better than you. Am I far off? Could be, but doubt it.

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  • That is an awesome mile time. Did you do this on a track and measure out your mile by laps?

    • I wish I could run on a track. It was just on the streets on campus. I measured the distance using three different online maps distance trackers and they all gave the same measure of 0.85. I'll try hydrating and giving it 100% tomorrow so I can get an idea how what that time would get me.

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    • Id say drink water with a bit of salt right before. Gatorade I think takes time to digest.

    • Cool, I'll give it a try! Thanks.

  • Thanks for the best answer! :)

    It's not amazing.. I have a friend in college track that runs way more than I do. But I do dedicate myself to it. I'm also training for a 5k, trying to get to 18 min by next spring. :)

    • I wish I had the dedication... I just get too bored :P

      So I have a random question haha. Where can I find girls that are into running? The only girl I can say I've truly loved was a runner and it was always fun to go out with her at night for runs. It gave us an extra connection that last for a little while before the 'us' ended :( but anyway, where could I find some? I don't want to creep out at gyms haha, especially because I hate treadmills!

    • I agree, treadmills/elliptical are terrible. It's too easy to run on them, not enough of a challenge.

      You could probably meet them at marathons, or in the park.. Wherever you run.

    • I'll look for some local 5ks. I wish I knew a park I could visit to run where I know a lot of other people would be running... but there isn't much like that around where I live :/

  • Hmm...that would've been a world record in the 1800s link

  • That is amazing! I'm pretty sure the fastest mile time is 3:00 minutes something so you aren't far off! Hell my best mile time is 8:30 and I'm pretty proud of it!

  • This is a "good" mile time for someone in your situation and most Americans. For high school track it would be quite average however.

    • Do high school track people eat a sh*t ton of food, not hydrate, and then try to run? :P This is with no training at all. I run maybe a mile per week, if that. I think calling it "good" is selling it short. I mean, most people would love to run a 7:00.

  • 4:53 would compete in meets, my typical meet time has been a anywhere from a 5.5 to a 4.1

    • 5.5 to a 4.1? That's a wide range haha.

    • Haha yeah I know, injuries play a good part in that(a really bad knee)

      I just look my lowest and highest time

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