I am lost.The guy in the story is a player, was interested only in sex, not in to me, is he married?

The guy in the story is a player, was interested only in sex, not in to me, is he married, Etc.

So I met this guy online, we exchanged #, he calls, asked a lot of questions, and invited me out. We went out for late lunch on Sunday. I find out that he does not live in my area anymore and comes here because he likes the area and apparently he comes to the area every Tuesday and Sunday. His work involves a lot of traveling. We had fun went movies and kissed. One other thing he mention that he has a lot of female friends and if we see them by chance I should not be concern. He calls back on Tuesday, however I could not go out (he knows why). He left the sates that week.

No contact from him for two weeks then he texts Sunday that he wants to see me, he picks me up, we go out for coffee, talk, kiss, talk….he mentioned that he learned a lot that day…..( whatever that means) and he does not know when he is going to see me again. Then he brought me home and acted like little boy. He calls Tuesday and knowing that I cannot go out offers to come over.

So I text back and said that I do want to see him…. however I do not invite guys over, especially when I just met them….. Sorry, Rules#1(and I am not making this up, this is how I am) and he know this, he also know that I will not run after a guy, or do thing just to be with a guy.

Then he calmly texts back “I love your rules)) Just stick to them) no problem))” is he mocking me?

I text have fun, since I knew he is leaving town next day.

Now three weeks are gone he did not contact, I do not feel like contacting him, I deleted his #, email…. Should I give up and move on? I would like to know

Thanks trying


thank you all for taking time, he does not think of the girls as potentials, the other think he ask my opinion of was regarding a girl that he was dating in the pass--- why she married someone else, when he knows he would treat her better and was treating her good. Is this mean that he is married? would married guy talk about this?


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  • He is talking to many women online, and there is a good chance he's married since he deliberately looks for women away from where he lives now, right? Married guys are willing to wait for sex since they already have that at home! They are usually looking for excitement, and a girl with 'rules' is something diferent, and a challenge for them.

    Most likely he's playing the married man game with you. AND he's been around with other women in your area, as he told you. Try to get a contact number with any women he seems to know and ask them about him when he's not around.


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  • Okay ...I'm in your age bracket and even if you do have a set of rules, you never EVER tell him that. I personally play by a set of rules and it's called "The Rules Book"...I know it's hard to do them when you really like someone, but when I don't I always end up getting hurt. I know it's hard to accept, this is something that has been hard for me to accept as well. But when a guy acts wishy washy as in this case, he's simply just not into you. He is a NEXT NEXT NEXT! Remember there are plenty of fish in the sea and we all have to go through many frogs before we find the prince. If you haven't read the rules book, I strongly suggest you read it. It's not about playing games but setting healthy boundries for us women. If a guy is not into us, we simply let him go and make room for better people to come into our lives. If you're wasting your time with the "wrong ones" you're not going to have time to let the right ones into your lives. Let him go...you deserve it to yourself. You can do it and you deserve better!

  • Does it matter, player, married or just into sex.

    What do you want? Sex?

    He said he has a lot of women, that should be enough, if he lies to prove he is somebody, do you want him? If he is telling the truth, do you want him? One thing is consistent, weird and not very good at being charming.


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