Need guys advice. I like him, but does he like me!!?!!

Okay, I have already posted about this before but here it goes again.

There is this guy I like, but I don't know if he likes me back and before I make a fool out of myself by asking him!

Reason why I think he does:

*lately he has been talking to me more at work when he is a little reclusive

*he stares at me CONSTANTLY. he use to look away, but now we lock eyes

*he gives me the little side smile when I am talking to him sometimes

*he makes fun of me/pokes fun at me

*another co-worker has seen him deliberately look back at me and then when he saw that she saw him, he looked down

*i have seen him look back at me before he leaves work

*he is a little more helpful with me than with other people

Reasons I think he may not:

*he ignores me in front of our co-workers

*he has been giving me very short answers lately

*he does not look at me when he gets close/near me

*when we are working the same position he will call someone from another position to help him instead of me

*He is not mean to me, but when he talks to me he is very distant

I know that this is a little long, but I really need the help and advice from both guys and girls. Anything would help because I am very confused as to what this guys may or may not be feeling towards me. Thanks!


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  • He wants to have sex and probably doesn't know how to make it happen. I know this because I'm a guy.

    • could he try to hide that he likes me because he is a manager and I am an employee?

    • Yeah he is definitely in a position where he can easily hide he likes you. As a boss you have all the freedom to act in a way that is smooth, indiferent and therefore attractive.

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  • just go talk to him regardless. I can tell you that nothing feels better than a girl asking you to hang out away from work.

  • He doesn't sound very interested to me. Your list of reasons why he likes you is basically that he looks at you and the list of reasons he doesn't really sounds like disinterest. You kinda answered your own question. Read your list of negatives, he seeks out other people to help him when he could ask you, he is very distant to you, he ignores you and gives you short answers, etc. If a guy is into you he will flirt with you, find ways to be close to you, will attempt to get you in a conversation (especially if you're giving him the right signals which I'm assuming you have), etc.

    • this is what I have been thinking! However, his attitude towards me has changed only lately. Oh, did I mention he was a manager? I thought that one big clue someone was into you was that they look at you, and he does constantly, and it is only within the last few days that his answers towards have been a little shorter and he seems to not be able to look me in the face, but he does still look at me from across the room. I have a feeling it is something other than disinterest :-/

    • Idk staring a lot could be a sign of attraction but if there's no other signs then it really doesn't sound very promising. He's your manager I'm sure he looks and watches his employees when he's workin. Its possible he's attracted to you and that's why he's staring but then I think there'd be some sort of flirting on his part. Maybe there's a strict no dating policy for managers or somethin. Either way you just need to move on cause he's either not interested or unable to date you.

    • true on both fronts! it just is awful that we, as humans, cannot help who we develop a "crush" for. Thanks for the help!

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