What kind of guy is he?

Always smile upon seeing someone ( girls only).


Tries to have a go at being funny ( making jokes about the current situation ( nothing ultra serious) ).

Gives the eyebrow flash ( sometimes with a closed lipped smile).

Stands feet spread at least shoulder width apart and feet pointed away from people.

Always willing to help ( whether being asked to or just wanting to help).



Doesn't compliment girls in a straight forward manner.

Offered to help a girl out (walk her safely from a dark alley sort of thing, to a safe area) even if it meant you may get hurt in the process.

Never talk about sex in any way, around girls( or just the one you like)

Always make it obvious you're checking her out when she wears a skirt.


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  • Like a normal guy? I know a lot of guys with similar characterists.

    Sorry, not really sure what you're looking for with a question like this.


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