Differences between men and women?

We all heard men are from mars and woman are from venus, to me that means men and women are worlds apart when it comes to how we think and act.

What do you think is the biggest differences between men and women?


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  • Women are definitely far more emotional, and their emotions dictate their actions far more than their logic does in many cases. Their emotions are on display for all the world to see. Men have emotions, but naturally suppress them and keep them tightly under control, because we have to get things done. Men couldn't hunt dangerous animals or fight in wars or go 3000 feet down a tiny hole in the ground to mine for gold or repair downed electrical lines in the middle of a storm if they started crying every time things got hard or scary, and that carries over to "regular" life as well.

    Men can focus on a task like a laser beam, to the exclusion of all else, and that can be a very valuable trait sometimes. But men are also as a rule lousy at multitasking; they usually can only do one, or maybe two, things at a time. Women tend to be fantastic multitasking, but have trouble focusing on a single task without being distracted.

    Men can want and have and enjoy sex without having any emotional attachment to the woman, while most women need an emotional attachment to the man to feel sexual, and will develop an attachment to a man she has sex with, even if she doesn't want to.

    All of these differences are rooted in the need to reproduce, and in the division of labors necessary to optimize reproduction. All human behaviors and societal norms have grown out of that biological need to continue and improve the species.

  • Yeah...see...I think females make great friends..and I don't miss the bragging and swagger that I get from my male friends...but living with one is definitely different...females have different moods & emotions and they act & react differently...they have different priorities and send different signals...signals that males often times just don't get or fail to interpret correctly...can get us in a Peck Of Trouble sometimes...o.O

  • There are pretty big differences in brain structure. Men have more 'processors' women have more 'connectors'.

    There are a lot of differences in instincts, which are then compounded by how we are socialized -not just by adults but how we interact with others. Groups of 4 year old boys and girls play very differently.

    Females tend to have a network of friendships, and do a lot more 1-on-1 with other women. They tend towards theoretical equality in female relationships. They spend a lot of time sharing feelings and bonding. Female sub communication tends to be about relationships. An obvious example of this is women tend to show a great deal of sympathy (and not much constructive feedback) when one is upset. They are sub communicating that they care and the relationship is strong.

    Men tend to socialize in groups more often, where someone 'leads' the group, formally or informally, though the 'leadership' may shift based on the activity. While men jostle for leadership and status, to a large extent they accept hierarchy and authority when they are NOT trying to change their position. While people tend to say men are more literal and direct, and they -often- are, men do a lot more sub communication then women about power - both within a group, and the group's relative power in the world. When someone tells a man a problem, and the man offers a solution, not only is he giving literal advice, he is also subcommunicating confidence that the person with the problem is capable of handling it - perhaps with slightly different tactics. Men will also, for example, provide very technical answers to questions. Women often interpret this as showing off, but men are doing this at least as much because it makes the man who ASKED the question feel better. Men find needing to ask for help embarrassing, so the more complicated the answer, the less embarrassing it is that they needed to ask. Men are much more offended by what seems to be patronizing behavior that women would interpret as sympathetic.

    I would say generally women are better at offering sympathy, men at offering encouragement.

    I stuck with general communication, when it comes to love, and sex, there are huge differences, basically keyed off how we evolved and what strategies were effective for maximizing descendants given the fact men can impregnate many women (though probably only provide resources to one) while their paternity was always uncertain, while women could only have one man's child per year or so, but maternity was guaranteed.

  • 1. Anatomy - naturally understood

    2. Nature - men are more aggressive externally i.e. violent etc while women are aggressive but demure (generally)

    3. Preferences - a woman may like hair on a man but most men won't like the same on a woman ;)

    4. Sense of looking at and understanding things (including how to bring up children etc)

    5. etc

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  • boys have a penis, girls have a vagina

  • Women are much harsher when they reject people they aren't intrested in.

  • women are a lot more emotional. emotions color our lives more.we are more sensitive, get more attached from things like sex. emotions play into a lot of things.

    we may also be more competitive among each other for a guy or something.

    we get jealous more easily of each other

    but I think most of it goes back to women being a lot more emotional/sensitive than men are, generally speaking.

    men are more simple and literal..they express through actions more than emotions


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