Altering a perception?

Is it possible to alter someone's perception of you?

I presently am in a predicament involving my lecturer in one of my classes in my university. I just got the sense from day one she didn't like me, which doesn't really matter (such is life).

I need her on side ASAP so does anyone have any advice?



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  • Changing someones perception of you requires that you break their expectations to force them to reconsider. It is not something you do in an afternoon. That is why first impressions are always pushed as being so important.

    • Fair enough but I'm asking is there anything I can do now to alter this perception that I believe is hindering my grades in her class.

    • A teacher being bias either for or against a student based on what they think of them is actually illegal. That said what a teacher likes is someone that pays attention in class, helpful but help other students more instead of trying to kiss the teachers ass and do your homework.

      You need to show that you are better then she thought.

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