TATTOOS? Any ideas on what or where?

Any ideas on what or where?

I want something different.


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  • Tattoos are permanent, so you have to pick something meaningful to you, something that you will look at when you're fifty and still have no regrets about it. Is there something from your childhood that really stands out that would make something unique? What makes you uniquely you? I went with my right shoulder blade and across the top of my shoulders. I have a claddagh with an anatomically correct heart to pay homage to my ancestry and love of proper things, as well as a gorgeous picture of a wolf howling at the moon in front of a mountain that I had my grandfather draw for me. So they're very personal, which I think is the only way to go with tattoos.

    As for placements, I would suggest you play to you pain tolerance and choice of career. The foot, ankles, ribs, and hips can be very painful if you don't do well with pain. The best bet would be to go with something on your back or shoulders, easily concealed when need be but easy to show off too.


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  • Where (for a woman)

    1. just below back of the neck / beginning of the spine

    2. on the back top left hand side

    3. bottom of the spine or to either side

    4. ass cheek

    5. side of the calf

    6. ankle

    7. hip

    8. stomach


    Take your pick :) link

  • i think tattoos on women on the side of them are really attractive especially if they are flowers or birds or something like that but don't make the tattoo too big google image for examples.

  • i have a tattoo on my back just below my neck.

    mine is a Phoenix bird symbolizing my daughter, Phoenix.

    and 3 stars and a sun for my country.

    Diyos Ama Ina Anak - meaning God, Father, Mother, Child

    it is just a simple tattoo but very meaningful to me.

    so if I were you, choose something that best represents what's important to you. it is not just an accessory you know. it will be there for life unless you take it off. never go for a boyfriend or a spouse tattoo name. and if you are going to get a portrait one, make sure your tattoo artist is really good in it. one false move can ruin a face. :)


  • You'd be best to wait until you come up with something that has meaning to you

  • hears a good rule if you don't know what you want or even where you shouldn't get one, cause a lot of people wanna get a tattoo and they don't know what to get so they ask others and then they regret it. If you ask any tattoo lover they have a story for all their tattoos, and if you got one and someone asked you what's the story behind yours you are gonna say I wanted something different and someone at GAG came up with this idea.

    • No the point of asking is to get an idea and if I like it and can relate it to me then ill get it thank you for not helping

    • You asked a question and I answered it, I told you the truth, you are one of those girls that only want a tattoo cause its in right now and a lot of famous people has them, which is lame.

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