What do I look like to you?

Does it seem like I'm aggressive or something? I don't know but I just got into this new school and almost all the guys are really cute.. But again I am new, so I don't know many of them.

There is maybe 2 or 3 guys I happen to like but they never approach me.. No one really does but black people... I know that there are some people who don't like black girls but there is also a few that do and I don't see anything wrong with me. I mean I'm really shy so I wouldn't be one to go to them and talk. Also one of the girls I've met so far is one o hang with most abd she talks more then she listens and eventually flirts with the guys I tell her I'm attracted to.

She is more outgoing to guys then girls. The guys always talk to her. Like I guess you would call it jealousy on my part but if so, so be it.

so these are my final questions- Am I ugly in your opinion? Would you say I looked agressive or something? And some tips on how I can get more out there.


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  • first of all you should have dumped that friend of your like last week. You say you are shy maybe the guys you like are shy too, shy enough to take the first step but when a girl like your "so call friend" breaks the ice they feel more at ease to talk. There is plenty of guys that likes black girls so don't worry about that :)


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  • You are a black girl so I would expect that black guys would approach you. People tend to feel more comfortable approaching their own race (and usually find them attractive).

    It seems has if you have a preference for other races which is why you are asking this question.

    You look like a nice girl to me.

    Usually other races find people find other ethnic backgrounds that aren't theirs more intimidating.

    The girl you know gets a lot of guys because she is outside her shell.

    You aren't.

    • Also, I think you are cute. What you can do to be more out there is to work on your self confidence. If you questioning your appearance and how you come off to other people, that is the root of the problem in itself. It is what is with holding you from speaking to others. If you work on your self esteem you will be able to approach guys.

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