European standards racist?

In America we have European beauty standards that non Europeans are expected to meet and if not they are considered ugly. . is that racist?


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  • Of course that's racist!

    Its pretty much saying,

    If you aren't


    -if you do not have narrow features

    -if you are ethnic looking

    you are not beautiful (even though you very well may be) just because of the simple fact you don't have the "European beauty".

    • Ty for ba :)

    • there is all kinds in Europe, if we were all going to be light skinned and have narrow feature it would be called scandinavian beauty, Most people in Europe has big lips or noses. like italians, greeks, russians, poles and spaniards. Plus most in Europe are brunette or fake blondes :)

    • Understand that even though whites skin tones may vary a little, it is still way different than that of someone that is black , Indian or of a different race. Not just that, European people possess different features from other racial backgrounds. There really isn't any arguing that, no matter how much you may say the looks vary. You cannot mistake a European woman for a black/Mexican/Indian/asian woman. You know what is meant by this.

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  • It's more of a paranoid persons thoughts seeking confirmation for ones one reasons for their insecurity.

    It goes like this -> Feel bad about my self -> must be somebody's fault -> it's because of ______ -> I need a bad word to tie it to and make it sound bad -> Now I can feel that my shortcomings and insecurities are someone else's fault and have something to label those people.

    • wow you make no sense

    • He made perfect sense lol

    • 1) everybody needs validation

      2) how is me having darker skin and curly black hair shortcomings?

      3) how is it my fault I have culry black hair and dark skin.

      so no he didn't make sense

  • No

    Considering anyone of any race could be European and in no way, shape or form do "European Standards" promote racial hatred

    Racist is thrown around wayyyy too much

    • but in America non white women have to be more European to be considered beautiful. how is that not racist

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    • Theres a difference between finding more features more attractive than others.

      And saying, anyone who does not fit this description is unattractive.


      Very racist to me.

    • i agree Stacyzee. and that's what America does

  • I find it ironic how the "European standard" is only applied in the US but not actually in Europe. I don't think you can truly apply the European standard to non Europeans just because they generally look a whole lot different unless they are heavily mixed

  • i think its just an ideal cause you can't change who you are, Asians or a black women can't be considered ugly cause they don't look European when they aren't even European. I don't even know what the mean with European beauty, but I would assume that people think french.

    • but people do this all the time. trust me they do.

    • well that shows me that person haven't been to Europe recently, Europe is just like the states a big melting pot of many different cultures and nationalities, so then I guess anyone fit the description of an European beauty :)

  • .the beauty industry isn't racist, it wants us all to feel bad about ourselves. I have naturally ivory white skin... you think the world of beauty smiles on me?

    there's an entire industry out there telling me I'm pasty and ugly and should risk skin cancer in a sun bed or go orange with fake tan... I just choose not to accept that BS, I like my skin and how I am, no one is stopping you from doing the same.

    • there are no negative things that come along with having white skin. having dark skin has major bad things that come along with it.

  • No European's built this nation on their views and are the majority of people, when they become a minority in the next few years beauty standard will differ. Also the media promotes certain standard's of attractiveness and the Jewish people own hollywood.

  • Lol someone is just bitter she's ugly and insecure so she is going to throw around words and make others feel guilty. That's so sad!

  • Learn the definition of racism, okay

  • America is Eurocentric because much of what it was built on was the many European people that settled here. Most of the population is still white too. It's the best business decision to keep it the way it is. And because of that, I don't think it's racist. I don't think that's their first inclination whatsoever. Plus a lot of white people don't fit into the beauty standard either. They want you to buy their products, so that you "will" be beautiful.

    It is unfortunate that some guys buy into what they are told is beautiful and it slants guys, white and non white alike, into the preferring white women camp. I think it is more important for communities to build up their own beauty standard than asking the whole thing to change.

    • best business decision to keep it that way? really?

    • It obviously is. Who has the most spending power? You do know how business works, don't you? Like I said, the whole point of it is to have something that people can't obtain. That's why it's so lucrative.

      There are niches, and each racial community could do a little better promoting their standard of beauty instead of piggybacking off of the main one. Asking for the entire thing to change just to benefit you is asking a lot.

  • No we don't.

    • yes..yes we do

    • I don't know anybody who considers people who don't meet European standards to be "ugly." There's a big difference between somebody not being into a certain look and considering it to be ugly.

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