How to get to know her? Or make her realize I exist?

There's a girl in my school that I find pretty cute, but I lack any easy way to get to know her. I'm in no classes or extra-curricular activities with her, and see her maybe once a day. She doesn't know I exist, however, so that's a problem too.

I find myself mildly obsessed with her, and as much as I try to suppress it, she can't get out of my mind. So, talking to her is my best option. How should I start?


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  • Aww :) Just say hi to her every time you see her and eventually start a conversation. If you're polite and nice she will more than likely agree to go on a date. If not, I's her loss and at least you tried. But you'll never get her off your mind if you don't give it a shot. Good luck :)

    • What if my "once a day" is more like 5 seconds in the hallway?

    • Then smile and say "hi" within those five seconds. lol At least you caught her attention and she knows who you are.

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  • You know I wonder how many guys feel that way about me. Like I wonder if I'm staring right at someone who is crazy about me but I think nothing of them.

    Ask her about something she is wearing or where something is.


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