Guys: what are red flags that girls need to pay attention to?

When seeing a new guy? They can be related to anything.

Would love to hear guys' perspectives.


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  • - How does he treat other people? His friends? His parents? The waitress? The cashier? If he is a jerk or disrespectful to these people, that's how he'll treat you eventually.

    - Is he open and honest, or does he resist answering your questions, or obviously makes up stories or tries to hide things from you? Dishonesty will poison any relationship and destroy trust.

    - Does he pay attention to you? Does he listen to you? If he doesn't pay attention to you now, at the beginning, it's only going to get worse as time goes on. It's always easier to pay attention when a relationship is new and exciting, but that fades a bit eventually, so if he can't make you his priority NOW, then forget about getting attention from him 6 months down the road.

    - Is he overly controlling? Does he want to know where you are every minute, and who you talked to, and what you talked about? It's one thing to be interested, and another to INSIST on the answers.

    - Is he selfish? In bed our out? Again, this is something that will only get worse with time.

    - Does he have a history of cheating in his relationships? If so, he's gonna cheat on you too. And if he was cheating on his last relationship with you, it's a guarantee that he's going to cheat on you with the next person.

    - Is he "just looking for some fun" and "not looking for a relationship?" If so, all he wants from you is sex, and maybe some occasional companionship, but you'll NEVER get a relationship from this guy.

    Most importantly, however a guy is today, that's how he's going to be FOREVER. If he has a bad trait, NEVER, EVER believe that you're going to be able to change or "fix" him, and COUNT on the fact that that trait is going to be targeted at you eventually.


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  • Well the classic are the controllers who try to isolate a girl from her friends and family...and they usually turn out to be abusers...there has to be a happy medium...I mean no guy wants to come home from work every night and find her friends, siblings or mother (mother-in-law ugh) hanging around..home is supposed to be a refuge...but when they try to completely isolate a gal...yeah..Huge Red Flag.../:/:/:

  • I can tell you from experience a red fla is if you're always doing things he suggests and never things you want to do

  • if you catch him in a lie about himself such as where he lives, school, something of the flag

    if he lies about his online accounts...says he doesn't have one and you find him, or won't add you

    you catch inconsistencies in his stories

    he keeps dating you but isn't looking for something serious...

    won't go to his place

    you get a general weird feeling


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