Why are people rude to strangers?

I am doing a job that involves calling people about election stuff and like half these people are super rude or hang up on me... like wow.. how would you feel if someone treated you that way? Mean.


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  • People are selfish and don't realize that you're doing it because you're being paid to.

    One time someone phoned me to do a survey about the university. I didn't really want to do it, but I thought I should. At the end he thanked me and said I was the nicest person he had spoken to all day. All I did was answer his questions lol.

    I feel sorry for people like Mormons, Evangelicals and Jehovah Witnesses as well. No-one wants someone trying to convert them, but they're not doing it because they believe they will benefit from it. They're doing it because they believe they are helping people and I think people should have respect for them for this reason.


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  • I don't think they should be rude, but people in battleground states are inundated with political messages. They are also called by many many many people like yourself that are taking polls. Like I said, they shouldn't be rude, but they can't wait until this election is finally over.

  • YOU called me uninvited or at a bad time & I'm rude?

    You're rude for the phone call that I didn't want or ask for.

  • because for the majority of people, $hit rolls downhill ...

  • Ajb.


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