How do plain/nerdy girls obtain a boyfriend?

i know looks mean a lot to guys.

if a girl isn't hot, and maybe even borders on mousey/average looking (though not overweight), how can she get a boyfriend, other than improving her appearance?

should she even be thinking/obsessing over guys if she lacks feminine appeal?

does she have to wait it out until boys become men?


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  • What is "mousey"?

    I can't speak for all men, but I've said this many times on this board, if a girl has a great sense of humour (can roll with the punches and not be uptight), then I am drawn to her. Obviously looks play a part, but I'd rather have a relationship with someone that is "average" looking and awesome to be with, than a "hot" girl that makes me want to slam my head against the wall out of sheer annoyance.

    I don't really think you should change anything if it makes you feel uncomfortable. You might be looking too hard or you just have to change up social circles.


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  • Be a slut

    Honestly the simplest and most straight forward response you will get

  • Looks really don't matter. Sure us guys love a hot girl, but not for relationship purposes. I prefer out going girls with upbeat attitudes and confidence. Now that's sexy! :D

  • Looks don't mean everything to guys. Me I think if a girl is to over the top it can be a turn off in ways. I think if her skin nails hair is to manicured she's probably spoiled. If she to Marsha Marsha Marsha forget it I ain't got time for her and I'm not interested. I like a girl who has enough pretty along with other special features personality not excluded.

    • Hm... Wish there were more guys like u

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    • Very shy.

    • If it's you your question refers to that could be why no guys are asking you out. If they never see you you're not gonna have any becoming interested in you because they can't see you. But I know how it is. Like you I'm shy to.

  • You should always have a bit of femininity about you. All guys like that. If you are a nerdy tomboy, you may need to change it up a little. Are you looking to other nerdy guys or are you lusting after the jock types like the majority of girls?


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