Not Sure What I Am Getting Myself Into

I started talking to a girl on the phone that I met through an online dating website. On the 2nd day of talking to her, she tells me she has a huge crush on me. Today is 4 days later and she already wants to be in a relationship with me. I told her how I felt about her, which is good, but I haven't clarified that I don't like the frequency in which things between us are accelerating, especially at such a high rate. She even sent me a relationship request on Facebook.

Over the phone, she has addressed in great detail how ambitious she is to make me and my life happier. She has also addressed sex too. She said she would love to do almost anything to me sexually.

So I have never met this girl in person. We've only talked on the phone for less than a week.

Someone tell me she's not a serial killer.
Right after I published this question, I sent her a text message that contains information about how I feel.

This is what I said to her.

" I ignored your FB relationship request. I like to keep a lot of my life private, especially since it's the internet. Billions of people are on the internet."


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  • She's not that, but you need to make things clear to her as delicately as you can. She is looking for a relationship tomorrow, she doesn't know you, and you both need to understand boundaries.

    Avoiding her will hurt her more (I know - I was in exactly the same situation) than actually explaining how you feel. Words like "stalker" and "psycho" should be avoided.

    Just tell her that she doesn't really know you yet, and you want to take time for any potential relationship to blossom. Rushing into something when you know so little about each-other makes no sense anyway.


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