Teasing or playful comment!

Guys out there, when would you make a playful comment or tease her? Would you do it to ease awkward situations?


A girl told you that she would like to get to know you better. You hinted that you needed time to think about it ( you said you'll email her and was probably caught by surprise). You need to think about it due to job obligations (she's somewhat like a client and your company has v.strict regulations and pride itself on its professionalism).

The next time you met her, she was apparently avoiding eye contact with you and felt awkward. If you didn't like her, would you have made a playful comment directed at her? Something that you've never done in all the situations (you're at work) You were smiling while teasing her. Would you? Could it be a way of diffusing the awkward tension for you're a nice guy?

If you didn't like her at all, would you have made a playful remark? It made the girl think that you were into her.


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  • Sounds like page one of my playbook, to be honest. Guys act in a thousand different ways, for a million different reasons ranging from chronic depression to boredom to joy, and no-one on here is going to be able to tell you what is going on in this guy's mind unless we ARE him.

    If he is trying to joke and tease you, it means he can't be all bad. I really don't think he dislikes you from the evidence, but his actual feelings are not going to be clear unless you talk to him directly.

    • Hmm but would you playfully tease her (right aft her confession) if you were not into her? He's a little on the shy side.

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    • Last lesson, I walked into class & avoided eye contact as much as possible. Halfway through, he made a direct playful comment/teased me, mentioning my name and all. I was shocked for he's kinda shy. I interpreted that as a 'Score!', combined with staring and eyes following while walking away. I then asked him aft class and he said he thought about it but he really can't. Job obligations plus he's new at this job and could get into a lot of trouble & can't risk it.

    • He said ' I'm really flattered. I am. It's not that I don't want to but I can't. What if someone were to find out? I could let it slip and risk my job.' Do you guys mean it when you say I THOUGHT ABOUT IT? We had lunch as a grp later and dude was still looking over to observe me/my reaction when sb/he said sth. Looked at everyone when sb asked a quest but when I did, he gave me full frontal attention? (seated diagonally from me)

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  • He probably likes you or he would not have teased you if he did not. He might have felt really uncomfortable around you if he did not feel the same way and would DEFINITELY not go out of his way to pay special attention to you. So I'm gonna go with my gut instincts and say that yes, he probably likes you. What kind of work relationship do you both have? Sounds pretty complex...

    • Haha dude's my tutor,NOT A SCHOOL TEACHER! Just a tutor with a tuition organization..

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