How to tell when he is unhappy?

How can I tell if my husband is no longer happy being with me?

He doesn't talk to me much anymore, and he is always out of the house. Today I handed him his wedding ring and he just left it on the coffee table then left the house.

Is there distinct signs of someone who is unhappy in a relationship?


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  • It sounds like he is pretty unhappy...i'm not sure it's about your relationship though.

    It is weird he left his wedding ring on the table but the best for you to do is to talk to him. Be nice, tell him you notice how different he has been lately, and ask if everything is fine at work or with his friends. Remind him you're there for him.

    If he doesn't open up right away, keep your calm and be nice to him he will probably talk to you when he feels like it. The important thing is he knows you have his back.

    Everybody needs nice reminders sometimes ; ).


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  • that would be a big yes go talk to him and find out what went wrong DONT CORNNER HIM it will couse a bigger problum a merrige is hard work the pashion only last 5 years at best but love will last a life time


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