He isn't persuing sex with me anymore..

So, my period is late and I'm having pregnant symptoms like a weird creamy discharge, fatigue, slight nausea, hot flashes. And ever since I told him I was late he seems to have backed off sexually.

We had shower sex today (first time for sex in a WEEK) and he finished in less than a minute.. and I've tried to initiate it since then, and he said after dinner, when usually he just turns the oven/stove on low and we go have sex.

I've been feeling self conscious because I feel gross lately or just unattractive in general because of this discharge thing.

We are already fighting to fix our relationship right now and I don't know what is going on.

He wants to be with me, we already talked about that, but I am feeling neglected.


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  • You are talking about many different problems here: you may be pregnant, you feel gross, he isn't trying to have sex with you much, you guys are fighting...what is your question here? What do you want us to answer to?

    Get a pregnancy test, make an appointment with your gynecologist and see what's going on with you physically.

    About your boyfriend, you told him you may be pregnant, so now he must be thinking twice about having sex with you, and where he wants your relationship to go to. It would sound logical to me at least. Maybe he is just freaking out. You should talk with him, see if there is something you can do to reassure him.

    And you say he wants to be with you but do you want to be with him?

    • The different problems are caused by the same thing, the pregnant thing causes the discharge in an early pregnancy, which makes me feel gross.

      We aren't fighting?.

      And I got a test, and it's to early to tell because the hormone isn't strong enough.

      Ha, of course I want to be with him. I love that booger. I want to talk to him but I just can't find the appropriate time to be like, "Why aren't you trying to initiate sex anymore?" We are watching the Bengals game now, so definitely not time.

    • Hmmm...you said: "We are already fighting to fix our relationship"...

      And this question might be too harsh, try something more subtle like "I feel like we have had less sex lately, am I doing something to stop you?"

      Just avoid pushing the fault on him like "it's wrong and it's because of you" kinda questions.

    • "fighting to fix our relationships" is an expression that means that you are having to work on fixing some issues that are in it.

      And that's a lot better way to work it, thank you!

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  • as hot as you are, I'm sure he's probably just not in the mood or can't get up. Maybe the sex is a little to vanilla? I'm sure it'll pass.

    • Dre, please. You know me. Vanilla my ass. Ha. We buy wild ass sexual stuff at the sex shops, tons of lingerie, new positions all the time. It isn't vanilla unless we WANT it to be. Then we are just, "Can we have slow sex tonight?"

      I want to think he is just scared because the possibility of a baby with how late I am.

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    • I dunno. I'm going to do what the chick down there said and try to talk to him about it. Just got to find the right moment.

    • Do what feels right.

  • have you gotten a preggers test?

    • Yes, but they don't work this early. I have to wait another week.

    • oh yea. (Doy) I dunno, I think you should ask him though. I think its nothing, if he was a jerk who was grossed out by the possibility of you being pregnant then he would not touch you with a ten foot pole

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