Guys....What if you logged on and had this message waiting?

"Your taste in music is immaculate, you are a gentleman and a scholar, that is all"...

I am in an odd situation...I added this sophomore on Facebook after appreciating his artwork, and after close inspection I realized we have a ton in common.

He doesn't know me in real life, but I see him at school all the time and we 'like' each others statuses and photos and music on Facebook all the time.

I am 2 years older than him (a senior) and I would like to get to know him as a friend or something more, and I think this is a logical way to do it...yes?...

Do you think that would be creepy or cute?


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  • How about you talk to him first, like a standard, "Hello, my name is"

    • its redundant - since they are fb friends they would know each others' name unless they are using spiderman and mary poppins as their fb names

    • I'm saying since they don't really know each other she could introduce herself and start off a convo. But ha-ha that's funny

  • wouldn't be creepy at all, though can't say if it would be cute; its all subjective.

    Does it have to be either one - can't it just be some more communication rather than rushing for some conclusion

    • i just don't want it to be weird for him I guess, I just want the opinion of a guy, logging on and receiving a message from a girl who he has a vague idea of who she is, but doesn't know her...hmmm...

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    • yeah - that sounds lot better :)

    • something like this link

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