When was the last time you cried? and why?

the question says it all, share your stories if you like :-)


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  • Earlier in the month because I was an over emotional PMSing wreck lol XD

    Just one of those days where one thing after another kept going wrong. Minor things or not it didn't matter because the over emotional part LOL and it just piled up and at the end of the day I couldn't find a hair tie anywhere in my whole house and got frustrated and cried. Hahaha.

    • hahahaha I'm imagining you crying just because of a hair tie, emotional wreck it is! lmao

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  • Pretty recently, my grandma died and it kind of struck me out of nowhere, and I NEVER cry. Not trying to be tough or anything but I just don't. But she was so nice and kind and she's been through a lot and it really hurt.

  • Everyone's answer is so sweet but here goes mine. The last time I cried was Thursday night because a spider was on my bed and no one in my house would kill it for me!

  • Today! Sort of. One of my really good friends got married and I had a few tears in my eyes. She used to be in a really bad relationship when I met her and now she found a really great guy who she deserves. It's like a happy ending...err, beginning.

  • Like yesterday lol I miss my best friend in my life he was everything..it's been over a year now and I've lost hope that I will ever be able to talk to him.I told him how I felt about him and risked it all as well as lost it all it sucks but I've learned to deal with it.But of course at times I fall back and cry a bit or two because he was a huge part of my life.

    • your best friend surely misses you too

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