Got messaged saying "xtgjagjg". Does she want my attention?

While I was doing my usual things on Facebook, I got messaged by a friend saying "xsdgfjgmgat". My first thought was that there was a fight in there. Well a minute after she messaged again saying sorry, it was her friend.

What does this mean?


. She likes me and wants my attention

. Was talking about me to her friend and she made this to tease her up

. Accept this as what really happened


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  • She wants your attention.

  • Seriously, I wouldn't read too much into it. Chances are, she was on Facebook and her friend decided to be a smartass, grabbed the mouse, clicked on the first random person to chat with that she saw, and started hitting random keys on the keyboard.

    There's a small chance that the friend chose you specifically for this prank because they were talking about you and she likes you, but the chances are just as good that it was random. Teenage girls do a lot of silly, stupid things, especially when no one's around to see it.


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