I broke up with him, and he behaves like crazy?

I broke up with him, and he started writing to me like

" I will kill myself and you will be guilty!"

or " you are murderer .." etc

I don't think he really would be able to kill himself ,but he wants to make me feel guilty ? and he also keep telling everyone ( our friends) how bad I'm, without heart , and how sad poor he is ..

I'm really really tired of this everything , what should I tell him to stop him doing it?


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  • He's playing the victim card and he will continue to play is for as long as it works on you.

    You can tell him that if he commits suicide it's all on him. He is responsible for his own life. It can be hard but you can't give in to his mind games. I've been in the same situation where my ex was suicidal.


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  • give him a couple of phone numbers to counselling

    tell his parents he's not emotionally stable

    you can get some counselling too if you want.

    don't make it worst by saying anything negative

    just be constructive and tell him he needs a counsellor or someone to help him get back to a healthier mental/ emotional state.

  • I've heard of this kind of behavior before. It does happen unfortunately. Just cut contact with him. I know it may be hard but it is for the best.


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