Foreigners and their input on the elections in the United States?

I think that it's completely uncalled for that people from foreign countries are expressing their viewpoints on who should be the next President of the United States. This is a crucial election for the survival of America and there are a lot of undecided voters who may take some kind of influence from their statements, suggestions, and feelings about candidates.

The problem is that even most Americans don't research themselves about candidates. Such as people saying- "Romney hates women" and "Romney will only cut taxes for the rich", etc. None of that is true. Romney has said he would cut government funding for Planned Parenthood since they are a private company and stated he wasn't going to raise taxes on anyone in his 5 point plan.

I just wish that people would actually research candidates on both sides. I mean as a country, are we better off under Obama than we were 4 years ago? In my opinion, we aren't. We still have almost 25 million out of work and spending of a trillion per year. I understand the focus from the youth is mostly on social issues like gay marriage and abortion. These are important things, I agree, but the economy comes first. There are many many levels of government that would be needed to remove these rights from people. Plus, Romney was sitting governor in Massachusetts when the gay marriage act was passed, and there is an equal pay act for women there as well.

In closing, It's fine that outsiders can have an opinion about ideals and candidates, but not if it's in an attempt to sway voters one way or another. When people from Australia post questions throwing an entire political party under the bus, I can't see that being for anything but Democratic gains. That isn't right.
The better the United States does, the better the rest of the world does. We are not doing well under Obama and will be $20 trillion in debt by 2016 if he is re-elected. We need a change, we need someone who can better the economy, Obama cannot do that in looking at his record.


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  • Obama has been bad for the United States since day 1, and anyone who denies that is overly-biased, misinformed, or simply ignorant of what's currently going on at the highest level in American government. His programs have brought some neutral changes, but mostly he has landed the country in an immense pile of debt in his attempts to socialize us (and yes, that is essentially the direction he and his administration have been/are moving in - see my "misinformed" comment if you disagree). Needless to say, both I and countless other American citizens agree that it is time for a change (how ironic!), and that change involves dethroning the leader of future-communist America.

    Now, the question remains - will Romney be successful in curing the both economic and societal wounds that the Obama administration has inflicted upon the U.S? Honestly, I can't tell you either way, but I can say with the utmost certainty that he [Romney] would be - at the VERY least - a fresh start.

    When it comes to foreigners giving their opinions - I agree with the OP (in his update) that a positive outlook for the U.S. means a positive turn of events for the rest of the world. That being said, I think that it's very logical to say that foreigners do have some sort of investment - whether it be ethical/moral or strictly economic - in the outcome of this election. However, I also agree with the OP in that their opinions should not influence the direction in which this election goes. The United States is supposed to be a democracy - simply put, run by the people. The values on which this country was founded do not include being controlled by other nations and their idealistic, somewhat (and in some cases extremely) socialist agendas. Therefore, I say that the people should inherently be entitled to their own, unswayed and unchanged vote, and to deny them of that is infringing on the rights that were set forth when the United States was made an independent nation.

    • Finally. Someone with a brain.

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    • LMAO you think it will make a difference whether you elect Romney or Obama? The country will be in more debt and worse off no matter who you elect. But it's cute that so many people think it makes a big difference who you pick.

    • @john52461- look at Romney's record as a business man. As he stated in the debate, not balancing a budget means your company is failing. The President hasn't presented budgets, hasn't balanced them, and spends a trillion per year. Record vs. Record.

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  • You're just angry that people from other countries have a different opinion than yours and that they can influence the election even if they don't live hear. I have a new flash for you: people from other countries are actually more educated about the election and know more about the candidates than you do. Why? Because they aren't swayed by campaign ads and empty promises. They do real research. They know their own political system better than we know ours and they even know ours better than the average American. You, sir, are an average American. In fact, your own update proves that they have a right to have a say in our election, given that the status of the U.S. can directly affect their own countries prosperity. Again, you're showing just how average you are. You're also biased towards the candidates. You're butt hurt because every foreigner isn't a Romney fan. That's childish, selfish, and immature. If only you could see what they see, then maybe you'd act a little more your age.

    • Can I marry this answer? Thank you.

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    • Did YOU read my answer? You ARE butt hurt, because the rest of the world has a vested interested in our politics per your own admission. Of course they can influence our politics and try to sway hearts and minds. Why wouldn't they when the election can directly affect them. You're also still way too biased and selfish. You b*tch that foreigners try to influence the election, but at the same time you lace it with campaign rhetoric and tell us who to vote for. Hypocrisy.

    • I don't want outsiders swaying American voters for American candidates. Period. I wouldn't speak up about who I think should anyone else's country unless it was a direct military threat to mine. Get off my question.

  • When our countries stops it's influencing over other countries electoral processes and elections, then we have a right to complain. The biggest foreign meddler has been us. Our government and "We The People" claim and assert we are for free and fair elections in other countries, but the reality has been, far too often, if the election outcome does not directly align with demands and interests of the US, there's been consequences. The countries of Latin America are rife with US electoral interference, which made the entire region unstable and dangerous. It was only when it ended AFTER Reagan's presidency, only because Clinton stopped American policy of manipulating elections did any kind of stability emerge and economic growth started. And US influence has not been limited to rigging elections, but includes bloody coups and high civilian body counts. So when an American comes to a forum and complains foreigners are merely exercising their free speech, free speech often demanded by the US Goverment, and ONLY TALKING about candidates, and ONLY complains when they talk about a candidate he opposes and NOT all candidates, it looks rather petty and hypocritical.

    See, this Romney supporter encourages debate and dialog, even when it supports democrats, and does not fear foreigners enjoying freedoms, freedoms we help post-war secure in many places in the world.

    • ^listen to this guy

    • This too!

    • Last night they brought up Iran in the debates. Both candidates ignored the elephant in the room; our meddling in 1953 restoring the Shah. He ruled so brutally, and because he was 100% backed by the US, the Islamists had no problem taking over, leading to the Iran we know today.

      The Shah was so bad, even other Arab dictators refused to grant him asylum, but of course we did lol.

  • When America's policies no longer have an influence on the outside world, then outsiders will stop caring.

    • Get Obama out then and you stand a better shot. The better America does, the better you do.

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    • Oh since I am not educated and all.

    • Not when it comes to how other countries are better off when Obama is running America, no. You're obviously Amero-centric, and like many Americans, profoundly ignorant of the world outside your borders.

  • You seem kind of biased and thin skinned to be honest. And if someone does not agree with you I am guess that makes them uneducated in their opinion yes?

    • Oh don't even get me started with you. You and Leto are incredibly biased.

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    • That is not really being well aware by the way. There is a home right outside Boston that if you owned it then you would pay 60 k a year in property taxes. Why did you go anon now and not allow anon?

    • Oh I will say that compared to the rest of the northeast and Boswash area the prop taxes are lower compared to states like NY Conn or Jersey. Somehow it has always been that way. Mass is a good state to make your money and always has been apparently. The prop taxes are on the rise but I would think it would not be a huge increase.

  • I think they have the right, and you have the right to express opinions on their elections, laws, etc.

    Also, the reality is that U.S. foreign policy has a major, major impact on other countries.

    As a Canadian for example, over 1/5th of our GDP is exchanged with the united states. Probably 2/3 of my companies clients are in the u.s. Believe me, we want the u.s. to do well!

    • Great answer!

    • As I stated, they do have the right to have an express their opinions. But NOT if it is to suggest or create political bias to one side. I understand the United States has a major influence in the world with regards to foreign policy and gives loads of money to other countries. I have many friends in Canada and I do agree that the better we do, the better you do. The problem is we aren't doing well in America. I know that Obama was left a mess, he's only made that mess worse. Can't afford him.

  • The reason why many foreigners care about the US election is because the US have a tendency not to stay at home, therefore having a huge impact on the rest of the world. The rest of the world often see the negative side of your politics since we are the receiving end of it.

    The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, just an example.

    • I am well aware of these things as I have stated in every comment I've made here.

  • basically you're just bitching because the world has an opinion that doesn't happen to align with your own...well tough sh*t mate, American politics and foreign policy have a profound affect on the rest of the world and we have a right to express our views on it,

    and frankly that SHOULD be influential to you, you can't just put your fingers in your ears and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist or matter.

  • You are in idiot, you know that the US has many free trade agreements, political agreements and usually they do get into other people's countries too. So yes foreigners do have a say of who they would like as president of the US, obviously they cannot vote, but they are entitled to their opinion because whoever is their next president, could mean a war for them (Syria, Iran) or it could mean more or less commerce for them (Mexico, China)

    • I'm an idiot? Your profile picture says: "Back then Hoes Didn't Want Me". What are you, some wanna be rapper? But I'm the idiot. As I've stated 1000 times on this post, foreigners are entitled to have opinions, but not if they are influencing American votes. Clearly I am aware of free trade agreements, but what about ours with China? We import far more than we export which is bad for jobs. Maybe try and comment next time without being an insulting douchebag at the start.

    • QA you contradict yourself, you pretend to believe foreigners have a right to free speech, but then say over and over they really don't. In that, you are the perfect republican, in that you only believe in civil rights and human rights for non-Americans if it 100% complies and serves American interests. Republicans hate and detest true freedom outside the USA, freedom means a foreign country could look after it's people at the expense of corporate profits or deny US troops on their soil.

    • Perfect Republican? Please. I supported Ron Paul full-through. I am now supporting Romney. I believe in American Exceptionalism and Obama has no clue what that means. America's exceptionalism stems from its emergence from a revolution, becoming what political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset called "'the first new nation,' other than Iceland, to become independent", and developing a uniquely American ideology, based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, populism and laissez-faire.

  • Honestly, I don't see why foreigners feel the need to butt in on our elections. It's not like we voice our opinions whenever other countries have elections. Foreigners have a rudimentary understanding of the US's problems and an even smaller understanding of its electoral system. Their input is from an outsider's perspective, and an outsider's goal is either to make their own country better off or to make the other country more like theirs.

    • Excellent answer.

    • Um, yeah, we do voice our opinions in foreign elections, and in the past if they did not comply with our demands, we overthrew democratically elected governments, picked by the people, and replace them with dictators and gave them a free pass to commit every civil rights violations in the book so long as they were compliant.

      Pinochet was hand picked by Reagan and Reagan gave him personal approval for summary execution of AMERICAN journalists who criticized the Pinochet policies.

    • Here we go...

  • I will be voting Republican this time around. I simply do not want Obama in office any longer. He's a Muslim anyway.

    The problem with the two-party system is the Centrist Dilemma. Both parties strive to appeal to a majority of Americans, so their stance on issues hardly differs.

    • Him being Muslim should have no bearing on your vote. Obama cannot run on his record at all and is a quasi-Socialist.

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    • But I don't like Obama? Just wanted to go for the Muslim part of your answer.

    • "He's a Muslim anyway"

      Well dang so much for religious freedom.

  • romney is a crappy choice as well and I'd rather have obama's foreign policy. and planned parenthood is important for the US. romney wants to cut funding for planned parenthood but not social security? he's an idiot. and he also wants to raise non-research military spending - useless and wasteful. again an idiot. he doesn't want to cut medicare even though old people are useless.

    it may not do anything but I am still voting for gary johnson.

    • LOL. READ. Planned Parenthood is a private company. Stop trying to butter up all the women here bro, no one person is going to take away women's rights. In case you don't remember, we were attacked on 9/11, just had 4 people killed in Libya, countries burning our flags, Al-Qaeda has taken over north Africa basically, but lets scale back our military. That's a great idea. Oh and Medicare will go bankrupt under Obama Care. $500 billion up front by the government, rest is subsidized by Medicare.

    • dumb women get pregnant and give birth to stupid kids who waste even more money. 9/11 was a minor event blown way out of proportion and this is coming from someone who always lived in new york. $2 billion loss and we waste 5 trillion on the middle east? don't care about libya or the idiots who go there. don't care about north africa because it's unimportant. ooh, burning flags, so scary. ooh al qaeda, so scary. only f**gy white people are scared of al qaeda. the same white people on medicare.

  • The election of the president of America will influence the entire world. Why wouldn't foreign countries be concerned? Don't be ignorant. America may be powerful and important, but there are plenty of other important countries around the world, too.

    Side note, in politics both sides do things to try to sway the tides. I'm not sure why it should matter WHO's doing the mudslinging. If people from other countries care enough about us and their own country to try to have an input... all the more power to them. It's much rarer to see the everyday American getting involved in politics in foreign countries. (I know this can be difficult because America is so big and there's so much going on, but it's kind of incredible how much people around the world know about what's going on in our country, in addition to their own and even others.)

    • I am not being ignorant at all, so do not accuse me of being such. Americans need to be more concerned about America than foreigners do. As I stated below, I understand that the US does help the rest of the world out with things like finances and security. American's don't even seem to care about America as much anymore, so naturally they wouldn't care about other countries. I just personally feel that it's ignorant for someone to present bias in order to sway a vote. I am not against opinions.

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    • Of course they do. For example, there are 27 member states of the European Union who are basically being supported financially by Germany and France. It's a failing system and I've heard many people from the UK say they don't want to be involved anymore. President Obama loves the idea of Socialism and Marxism, which don't work on the large-scale like that. Sure it works to an extent in Canada, but not with things like health care. US has a much larger population too. It's going to fail here.

    • Please. The EU is one thing, the Euro Zone another. The UK is not a member of the Euro, has no say there. The EU is not a failure but has rough times. It is the most current experiemt, but that is a different issue. Just try to use valid examples...

  • "I think that it's completely uncalled for that people from foreign countries are expressing their viewpoints"

    LOL. So you're basically whining that "outsiders" are saying their opinion about Your Own Little Holy Country. As if you were the center of the world and all foreign countries should just drink your words of wisdom. I'm sorry that you're so self-centered that you believe the US only knows what's best for its own good. It's not because other countries have no say that they should "behave" and get on the propaganda bandwagon. They're able to make up their own mind, just like you. Shocking news you wouldn't believe, I know. An election is a freakshow anyway so why bother dissing the whole world because you're pissed Romney might lose. Boo boo

    • And by the way, this questions reminds me an awful lot of that one: link

      As if we were all too dumb to recognize a stuck up Romney fan with such a attitude

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    • Riiiiight.

    • Haha, this guy wouldn't complain one bit if 'them thar furners' were praising Romney. He's only butthurt because people have different opinions than he does lol.

  • I love how you went on anon yet you don't allow anon answers, speaks volumes. You honestly just sound like all the nut jubs who have their head stuck up one candidate ass and disagrees with anyone who doesn't. It's one thing to be in favor of a candidate and say so, but it just sounds like you're throwing a hissy fit over anyone not agreeing with your side. If a foreigner advocated for Romney you wouldn't be bitching as much.

    • Of course I would be bitching as much. I don't care about foreign opinions, I care about foreign influence. Speaks volumes about my character? That's like me saying it's around noon and instead of being online you should be in the kitchen making lunch for people.

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    • LOL sit and spin hunny.

    • @sammisay, agreed.

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with non-Americans expressing their viewpoints. The problem is Americans that can't think for themselves. Why any American would listen to someone from another country when it comes to American politics is beyond me. Many of them still live under a monarchy. That's like getting medical advice from a witch-doctor.

    • The monarchy is so f***ing pointless and needs to be abolished, really. They haven't been in charge of anything for like 200 years, so yeah. Not needed.

    • Haven't been in charge of anything? You realize that most in most countries with a monarchy (yours included) the military swears loyalty, not to the people, but to the monarchy. This is even more important if you live in a country where most of the citizenry is unarmed.

    • That's unfortunate. I still think it's time for Canada to stop sucking off the teat of the British monarchy, get rid of the Westminster parliamentary system,and become a republic. This almost happened in 1981 when we got rid of the 200 year old British North America act, but that was all.

  • from where I COME from, free speech is a right to every citizen in our country. and so is YouTube!

    this is a fact, he does not mention equal pay between women and men

    fact, he says to go to the ER, you don't need health care

    contradicts himself on views of abortion

    statistically states his condescending view, fact. it's right here in this video

    everyone has opinions. respecting each other and their opinions is another point, exactly.

    • I have a 1st Amendment right to free speech in America about America. I wouldn't dare go north of the border and tell you how to do things. You have such a bias for Obama that it's sickening.

  • The world has an opinion on who becomes the next US president, when our foreign policy has a major impact on the world? Come on man, be a little realistic in how you perceive our role in the world and what it means to other people. They aren't drones, they are people who think about their own survival too. This Amero-centrism is really not paying off for us as a country after who knows how many years (or generations).

  • So basically, you've an issue with it because they're opinions aren't in favor of who you want to be President? Hmm..

    Btw, I love research! I love cars!

    (Let the Republican down arrows begin)

  • He's the leader of the free world. And his foreign policies effect the rest of the world directly.

    thats why they gave input.

    Obama isn't great. He's pretty good for USA despite what you guys may think. He's bad for the rest of the world. But unfortunately the alternative is Romney and his neo-cons. They are equally if not even worse!

    So maybe it would be best to give Obama another 4 years to continue and show progress and get back on the right path.

    Even if Romney wins, I don't mind..because niether of them are what the world needs now.

    • Progress? $16 trillion in debt, 23 million out of work, 47 million on food stamps, no work requirement to be on Welfare. But that's progress?

    • I didn't say he has been very good. But he deserves 4 years to "show" progress, before we can deem him a failure. The figures you mentioned are true. But he inherited a very bad economy and the country was in poor state. He didn't make it that way. Honestly, I hate his overseas strategy. He's not dealing with the enemies of state properly and he's bombing using drones on sovereign nations. But the problem is Romney is worse! His record shows that he's a neo conservative and would be worse!

  • AMEN. I currently live in Germany but I was born and raised in Canada, they are even preachy to ME over here. As if I vote in America elections...

  • rofl... I love how idiots think their vote actually counts for something. Especially in the states.

    • This. The only time our votes matter is if the state is going to sway left or right. From there, we have zero control who they vote for.

    • Says the man named "dirty diaper" from Canada.

  • I can express an opinion on anything that I want to and that includes foreign politics - especially US politics. The US is the main factor in the global economy, and what drives economics? Politics. So if the US economy goes down because some president made poor decisions, the world goes down with at the same time.

    What I don't like is when ANYBODY, including foreigners, try to sway people from one side to another and disguising that intent with an opinion on the other person's politics.

    I also happen to be an American citizen as well as a Canadian one - born in Michigan but raised in Toronto. So I do have the ability to vote.

    • Okay so if the US drives economics and the whole world is hurting at the moment, including the EU- wouldn't you want someone who could repair the American economy? Under Obama the economy has decreased each year and he has not presented a budget in 3 years. The US has a $16 trillion dollar deficit. Wouldn't you want to elect someone who can fix business in America, strengthen the economy which in turn would make the world better? Failed Obama policies will not work for another 4 years.

    • Well, you know, that would be really nice if the next president did just that. However, all politicians around the world gain votes by making mostly empty or unfulfillable promises. Obama AND Romney are no exception from that. It's impossible to tell the future - Can Romney REALLY fix businesses in America? Can Obama REALLY implement a proper healthcare system? Only time will answer questions like that. At this rate, it'd be nice to have a prez who doesn't piss away trillions on unnecessary wars

    • Sure Romney can. Look what he did in Massachusetts, look what he did with Staples and the Olympic Games. Obama cannot impliment a proper health care system because it will bankupt states. Bush spent $2.1 trillion in 8 years with two wars. Obama has spent $5.3 trillion in 3 years with technically only one war. Do the math.

  • I agree that it really isn't their place to comment about American politics because they are very likely to have limited knowledge of it not to mention that they don't even live here. But what can you do? You can take their opinions with a grain of salt because they are entitled to them after all.

    Yes, I believe that one must be fully immersed in American culture for an extended period of time in order to really grasp the political culture of America.

  • People should not present a political bias?

    I think someone should go back and counter balance all their anecdotes about Obama and the economy. After all - we wouldn't want you to present a bias would we?

    Of course people from other countries take an interest in American politics. Especially Presidential Elections. It will effect them in one way or another, so they have a right to have an opinion on it. And a right to express it. Now if that opinion effects someone else's - well it's the fault of the other person for being ignorant enough to believe the word of some sprouting off on the internet or wherever. I'm sure there are people from other countries out there backing Romney as fervently and as biased as they are backing Obama.

  • We have meddled all over the world, now and in history. Just look back at the Monroe Doctrine. Why shouldn't others express a view? If they like the Greens over the GOP or Democrats, fine. We do the same. US money flows to other countries, from private companies and people. The bottom line is the voters here will decide through the electoral college. The world has been tied together in terms of ecomonics even closer as years go by.

    Sure, people from overseas can support stuff that may seem wrong, but so do we. It works both ways, we mess around in the politics of countries around the world. So they have the right to turn and do the same.

    I trust my fellow citizens of this country...I may not agree with how they vote, or arrive at that vote, but I respect it.

  • If they know their facts and researched the candidate I think it's fine if they want to voice who they feel is the better candidate since America has a big influence on the rest of the world.


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