What does it mean "to be ready for a relationship"?

Or further, what does it mean to "not be ready for a relationship" for you fellas? Thank you in advance for your opinions.


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  • Top be ready. means to not be ashamed of your feelings. to have the ability to respect yourself and your partner. to let go of preconceptions and listen to what's being said. to communicate your needs/ opinions rationally. to be willing to learn as you go.

    and lastyl. to have time in your work schedule for another person.

    the last point is the thing is think is the most common reason for not being ready.

    getting over someone and not cheating are more of a personality issue. than as stage in development. imo.


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  • "To be ready for a relationship" is ready to make sacrifices, ready to be exclusive and committed, ready to share your life and experiences, emotionally available.

    When I think of people "not ready for a relationship" I tend to associate that with some one who still has feelings for an ex, or some one that is not ready to be committed to one person.

  • for me, it means to be willing to enter into a partnership, share daily life, and be willing to put up with things like her voting for Obama.


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