What does his text mean?!

Maybe I'm slow, idk..lol. But can someone break this down for me cause I have a habit of seeing things that I WANT to see. a guy sent the following text to me:

"If doing stupid things that make no sense means that I'm falling for u, well you can count on me being absolutely ridiculous."

can someone break down for me what he means. I think I know but I don't wanna over analyze it.

oh, before he sent the text we were talking about how love sometimes makes you do stupid things and I told him that he was "so falling for me".. Just some additional info.


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  • He's saying "I'm falling for you", and so much so that, according to your idea that people in love do stupid things, he is SO in love with you that you can expect RIDICULOUSLY stupid things from him. That's mostly a joke, of course, but the important part is that he's telling you he really likes you.


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  • You should try to analyze texts, because miscommunication is so common with them.

    Just from reading this and not knowing what kind of relationship the two of you have. I would say that he's falling for you.

    But this would be better communicated face to face where you can see nonverbal communication too.

  • Drunk texting?


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