Would this come across as desperate/needy/unattractive?

FYI: I'm 18(guy), she's 17(girl)

My crush is currently "Talking to" another guy, which means she's still on the market as anything can change. I've shown interest in her a couple times and made some flirty comments and she thinks I'm sweet.

Today she mentioned her birthday was coming up, but when I offered to buy her something she said she didn't want anything because "it makes her feel weird getting gifts from people"

However though I heard from one of my friends that the guy she's talking to gave her a small gift for her birthday which she accepted.

Would it be weird/desperate/needy/whatever if I went ahead and bought her something anyway?

Thoughts please?
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  • ..all girls say they don't want anything but don't actually mean it

    just get her something small

  • Yes slow the f*** downnn!


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