What are your opinions of the third presidential debate?

Just let me get this out of the way first. I'm not an Obama supporter, nor am I a Romney supporter, but I don't think anyone can say Obama did not win this debate. I knew Romney couldn't beat him here, but his defeat was a little worse than I thought. It was getting so bad, that Romney clearly moved the discussion off of foreign policy and back to the economy (I probably would have done the same, since its Obama's weak point). But what are your thoughts everyone?

I just felt Romney did too much nit picking on irrelevant things. He could have hit Obama badly on Libya if he actually did his research on how crazy the rebel group taking power over there really is. Too many petty hip shots, and not enough surgical attacks with substance.
Oh and just as a side note, don't think the presidential candidate debates are over. I believe RT is hosting a debate tomorrow night at 9:00PM EST (its on the RT channel though, so you may not have it) for the other candidates such as Gary Johnson (I support him), Jill Stein, and a few others. You owe it to yourselves to watch it live, or a recording which I'm sure will come online after its over. Just letting you all know


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  • I wish they spoke about foreign policy more. Romney was more concerned with showcasing supposed economic trophies of his, and Obama was busy thinking up witty quips to hit Romney with.

    • Tbh, I think that was a good move on his part. I hear what you're saying though, but Romney can't beat Obama buy bashing him on foreign policy...not unless he made the right type of attacks, and wasn't seen as a war-monger himself. If Romney made the right attacks, he could have sunk Obama in many areas

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    • think you summed it up well. looks like you've got Obama for another 4 years

    • Well *I* don't, I'm Australian :P I am just in the US til January :P

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  • Fox news never acknowledges reality. The most they can bring themselves to say is that it was a draw.

    • haha, trust me...i avoid fox news at every turn, just as much as I avoid CNN

  • obama had some good zingers something like: we have boats planes can land on. they're called aircraft carriers. and ships that go under water, they're called submarines.

    They made romney look like the fool he is. it was great.

    • I see those comments as offensive from Obama. Romney isn't a child, He isn't someone that you need to teach these things to. Obama used pettiness to score political points. Obama was clearly talking down to Romney.

    • Well, it did look like Obama was talking down to him. The problem I thought in this debate though is that Romney didn't really stand up for himself. And as much as Obama talked down to him here, I really think the only people who will be offended by that, are die-hard republicans..because although Obama did talk down to him, I don't think he did it to the point that it would turn off independents...and those are the people he has to please here

    • the post debate coverage said romeny, being the phony d*ck that he is, was trying to sound more moderate and not like the war monger he came across as in the primaries.

  • Well you aren't a Romney or Obama supporter, since you can't vote for either.

    But about the debate. Obama is the sitting President and has had 4 years of foreign policy experience which he learned on the job over his term. Obama was a junior senator and community organizer as Romney was the CEO of a multi-national corporation and has business experience at that level. You knew Romney couldn't beat him? Did you watch the first debate at all?

    Nit picking about irrelevant things. What is irrelevant? A nuclear armed Iran? 30,000+ killed in Syria? Obama skipping Israel on his Middle Eastern "Apology Tour". Explain to me what was nit picking? This debate was a big hug. Romney hugged Obama on policy after policy. Romney stated that he would not invade Iran, not send troops to Syria. Obama had full intentions of painting Romney as a warmonger which Romney avoided.

    The President was very aggressive, and it's tough to win a debate if you're not. He did have an edge, but I wonder how some of the Presidents lines played to Americans. I mean the President crossed the line of being aggressive to disrespectful. He spoke down to Romney quite a bit also. It was at times un-Presidential.

    For someone who isn't an Obama supporter, you sure asked a slam question about Romney.

    • Obama was slashing, personal, and cunning. Romney was poised, proper and articulate. Romney steered clear of fights with Obama and I think that helped his cause a lot.

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    • Well aware of what Sharia Law is. The US allowed the "Muslim Brotherhood" into Egypt, what do they practice? Of course I support womens rights, I support them tenfold. I am way too obsessed with Romney? I'm done here.

    • All the media is Liberal. All of it except Fox. This will be an Obama win all-around.

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