Does he like me????

So there's this guy who is on my soccer team, who I really like...And I don't make it obvious, I'm good at pretending to not like people. So he doesn't know...

Well at practice he always walks over to me and will put his elbow on my shoulder and just lean on me, and just talk to me. Like a casual conversation. Sometimes he'll just hug me.

Then we have this thing, where every practice we always walk into each other and say "oops I didn't see you there."(started by him)

Then he'll try and trip me all the time(as a joke, and I'll push him, he'll push me)

He always high fives me, and a lot of times we jokingly say mean things to each other.Like "Didn't you read the sign? No dogs allowed." or "I'd slap you but that'd be animal abuse". And of course we're joking.

He also tries to scare me a lot :P

Then last week he said this, "It's hot in here, I think it's because of Kylee" (My name is Kylee)

Then he walked over to me and hugged me.

And Friday, me, him and 3 others hung out at a college soccer game then went to Johnny Rockets afterward. We had a lot of un, and the next day we had a game. We always are suppose to be at the place we're playing 45 minutes early, and I ended up only getting there 30 minutes early and my friend said he said this when they were practicing:

"Yeah I had fun with Kylee last night." The thing was, there was 5 of us hanging out, not just me.

Then at the game I started crying because a girl was a bitch to me, and that night I ran into him at the movies, and he was with his friends. We talked a bit then I went to my movie. Later after the movie I went into a store to shop(it's a theater, but it's surrounded by shops) and he opened the door and said "I see you there" then closed the door and continued walking with his friends.

After I finished shopping I sat down at a bench for a little while. He almost walked passed me, but then he was like "Hey Kylee!" and sat by me. He kept asking why I was crying, and was elbowing me a bit so I'd tell him. I finally budged and told me. He said to just ignore the girl. He kept getting up then sitting back down next to me. Then one of his friends lifted the bench on one side so I almost slid off, and he said "You don't even know her!" Then sat next to me. He then casually talked to me, and then we locked eyes, well at least I did. Not sure if he did. And I liked it? Well besides that, after I stopped I noticed he was smiling at me, so I smiled back. Thinking I knew what happened, and honestly, I still don't know. Then today, I finally got the guts to ask for his number! And he gave it to me. But he's never really been the type to text, because my friend's sister has the same thing happen.So we haven't really texted a lot, just a couple texts. I don't wanna keep texting him, because a guy does that to me, and it really annoys me, so I'm not gonna do that~

But the thing is, he's 3 grades ahead of me...

Do you think he likes me?



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  • I got about 3 sentences in and it sounded to me like he's more than likely into you. If he didn't like you, he wouldn't spend so much time with you, simple as.


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