Can someone give me more insight into Lana Del Ray?

I honestly never heard of her music but I saw her in TV commercial and she was so beautiful I had to know her name. To be real, I don't feel like putting in the research to find out about her so I figured there must be some fans on GAG so who exactly is Lana Del Ray? When was she discovered? What are your fav songs from her? What's your overall look on her?


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  • Huge fan of hers!

    Lana Del Rey is her stage name her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant she's 26 and from New York, she was signed at 21 to 5 points records and put out her first album. Now she's signed to Interscope/Stranger Records, she was discovered by them when she put up some songs on her YouTube channel. She released her second album earlier this year and it did really well I know it was one of the best selling albums this year a website said it sold 2,8 million copies worldwide. She's also a model signed to NMM (Next Model Management). I've heard that she's had lip injections but she said in a magazine interview that she's never had any type of surgery what you see is all natural. There are pics though where it does look like she's might of had something done to them.

    Her video are really old hollywood and artistic. The time I heard of her is when the song " Born to Die" came out and I really loved it so I looked her up and listened to her previous songs and the one from her 2012 album and she's by far one of my favorite artist, and I'm happy that a new album is coming the first single is called "ride" and it's so good and I love love love the video for it.

    My favorite songs by her is: Blue Jeans, Dark Paradise, Get Drunk, and Without You.

    I didn't really know how to describe her sound but according to Wikipedia:

    She has been described as a "self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and "Lolita lost in the hood" and her music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of 1950s and '60s Americana.

    My overall look is: she's just the bees knees, I love her style and her voice.

    and that commercial you saw was actually clips from her video for blue velvet which I also love

    • Omg, thankyou! "Ride" was her first song I listened too, both the song and video were so beautiful and unique I found it hard to not love her. So glad I know more about her now. I guess other people thought I was trying to promote her. Again thankyou!

    • Like I said I'm a huge fan, I don't mind going on and on about her. Thanks for best answer!

    • No prob! (:

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  • I was actually planning very similar marketing tactics to promote my stupid sh*t as well.

    • I'm not promoting I really don't know who she is besides the commercial I saw. Sorry if it came of as me trying to promote her.

  • theres some good info here: link


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