Was my response terrible?

So I met and hooked up with this guy over a week ago and we have been texting every day (except for one) since. Basically through the conversation I was able to get it to a point where I asked him if he liked me. His response was "haha OK I most definitely like you".

He's a sophomore in college and I'm a senior in high school so I still can't get it through my head that he likes me or why he would like me. so instead of responding back saying that I liked him too I said "(: well that's good to know then"

he then took a long time to respond and just wrote back ":) anywayyss what's up!"

so basically a complete change in subject. did I mess up badly?
Also everyone keeps bringing up relationships. in all honesty long distance relationships (the school he goes to is three hours away) just aren't my thing and is not what I'm looking for. But also I don't just want to be his on reserve hookup (but really, would he work this hard just to hook up with me when it's very rare when that would happen again?). so yeah, I guess I don't know what I want, not my fault I'm a teenage girl. but I like being liked. also hookup means make out and nothing more.


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  • Hmmmm...this is an odd situation. No offense to you, but I just can't picture a college sophomore looking to be in a relationship with someone in high school. Is he a partier? Or is he low-key? Was your hook-up random or have you been building up to it?

    • i know you can't which is why I'm so confused. the first time was random and then he asked for my number and we continued talking and met up three separate times the next day including him going to lunch with me then meeting me and my friends for their school's homecoming soccer game. I really don't know why he likes me, but as far as I can tell it seems he actually does..

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    • Aha! A twist! You should've mentioned that originally. That is a lot of work to hook-up with someone. Unless...unless...he knows you're available, right, and maybe he has trouble getting women or some such and doesn't want to lose what he's gained. I don't know, I'm throwing scarves out of my sleeves. Maybe he has his college hook-ups and is just keeping you in reserve. F***, maybe he really does want a relationship.

    • "why would he put in all this work to hook up with me"

      Well, many men will travel far and wide for available pu**y (I'm sorry for the language, but it's true!) Chance are the women near him won't even give him a chance, so he has you as back up if he needs a hook-up. I'm not saying this is 100% fact, just speculation. Why he would be romantically interested in a high school girl who is in a completely different stage from his life is beyond me. But then again, I am not him. Just my insight.

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  • Nothing wrong with your response. He might be reluctant due to the fact that you are not 18 yet and it could get him into trouble if he pursues a relationship with you before you are 18.

    • if anything I've shown a lot more reluctance with him than he has with me. like my friends are so surprised he's still talking to me after it's been more than a week..

  • you didn't mess up. How is that messing up? I'm pretty sure he already knows your feelings and your just blowing things out of proportion.

  • you didn't "mess up badly" you just made it hard for him to recover lol don't rush anything, just let things run its course! itll all unfold from there!

  • Ugh...the odds of a college sophomore genuinely being interested in a high school girl are not good...can blame yourself if you wish...but I would not advise you to do so...

  • oooooooooooooo you f***ed up

    • im just kidding you re fine. but honestly don't get too attached he's in college. lots of girls. then again I'm in college and its not like it is in movies or anything for every party there 8753783 hours of work its like paying to go to hell and the only way to deal with it is those parties.

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