Name 5 things that you wish the opposite gender understood about you?

name 5 things that you wish the opposite gender understood about you

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  • 1. Don't play mind games. If you want to text me, do it. If you want to go out with me, ask me. If you want something from me, ask it. If you love me, say it. If you're upset, talk about it. My time is valuable, don't waste it. (should make a song with this as the chorus)

    2. Don't lie to me. I'm very smart and I will know what you did sooner or later. If I catch you're lying and deny it, I'll present evidence. If you still deny it, I'll call you a pathetic liar and you'll have to live with it.

    3. I act according to your ocean tides. If one day you're under the weather, I'll be considerate and confomrt you or give you space. If you act cold, I will act cold, if you act affectionate, I will too. If you stop caring, I will stop caring a second later.

    4. I need to be feel desired, I need to see that even if we've been together for 6 months, a year or 5 years, you still fight for me, and for keeping the relationship at its best. If I feel I'm taken for granted, I'll gather my belongings and leave you.

    5. I get over people quite rapidly. If we break up, I'll assume we did everything we could and if we had a rough one, don't expect me to beg, be there for you or even care about what we could have done. Give me three weeks and I'll go from crying my heart out to smiling the sour moments away. I won't be the ghostly ex wishing you back and don't look for emails or calls from me in your inbox. When I'm gone, I'm gone.


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  • 1.) I've been through a tremendous amount of hardship in the past 12 years of my life that most would have never survived through and life isn't easy. I need my space at times but I also need a special girl that I can pour my heart out to when I need to, who can listen to me, support me, and love me.

    2.) I don't tolerate games at all, nor do I tolerate bullsh*t. If you want something, tell me. If you want to say something to me, say it. Be 100% brutally honest, whether what you want to say is good or bad. Trying to make me jealous, playing with my emotions, lying to me, or pretending to be someone else you're not will lead to me saying goodbye, don't want to see you again.

    3.) I have vast goals in my life that I will accomplish no matter what gets in my way. I also feel like I have a responsibility to help as many people as I can before my life ends. This makes me exhausted at times and keeps me busy all the time. Just because I can't see her when she wants me to doesn't mean I'm not interested in her, just because we can't spend as much time together as we want to doesn't mean I don't care about her. The time I make for her will be amazing and just for her no matter how long it is.

    4.) Contrary to what you might think, I'm NOT a cocky a**hole player whose slept with a whole bunch of women, nor am I interested in going crazy and hooking up with random girls and I don't think I'm some hot shot. I won't have sex with a girl unless I know her well and am attracted to her on all levels. I'm interested in a committed relationship with one woman, not sex with many women.

    5.) I need to be loved, show me and tell me as much as you can any way you can. I had to go through many things alone in life and while that makes me self reliant, it makes me value and desire being loved that much more so don't be afraid of showing me.

  • 1. I joke a lot and I'm clumsy at times, but I still am an intelligent person who likes deep meaningful conversation. And I'm not just a person to get a joke from and just someone who can entertain you with a laugh. I'm someone you can trust to make you feel safe, secure and loved.

    2. I'm not a sinner, nor a saint. Just because I'm not super religious and don't go to church, memorize bible quotes or carry a cross, doesn't mean I'm an atheist or someone without morals. And just because I don't like to do drugs, get wasted every Saturday, study, read books, doesn't mean I'm boring and dull.

    3. I'm not after women just for sex. I like sex, and I expect it in a relationship and I won't avoid looking at it in the eyes if things got up to that point, but I see people as a whole. Not just the sex, but I do want deeper feelings and commitment first.

    4. Just because I'm not a macho man doesn't mean I'm a wuss. I'm not into dirtbikes, football, and whistling at hooter's waitresses. I like fashion, I like cosmetics, I like cooking, I like home decoration, I like reading books, I'm an emotional guy. But I'm a man where it counts. I have character and conviction.

    5. Just because I say something your ex boyfriend said, wore something your ex boyfriend wore or eat at the same restaurant your ex boyfriend at ate, doesn't mean I'm anything like your ex boyfriend.

  • 1) I'm naturally flirtatious with the guys I trust and know quite well, if you're new/on the outside, don't get the wrong idea. If I'm spending more time with you over them/If I'm giving you signals at all I probably like you, sorry if they are a bit mixed up (it means for one reason or another I don't trust you).

    2) Unless I ask 'no' I don't want to know about the girl you f*cked last week, it doesn't make me jealous, It doesn't make you more desirable, It just pisses and puts me off.

    3) If I'm not texting you back/not that up for meeting you/tell you I'd rather be friends I'm really not interested. I don't play games, in fact I'm brutally honest. I'm not playing hard to get, if I like you I will show it.

    4) I'm christian (as surprising as that may seem) if it bothers you, then it's not meant to be. I won't waste my time thinking 'what if?' Also I'm not like my friends who'll do certain things without thinking about it, they are aware I'm making HUGE exceptions for you, you aren't and probably never will be (wish you were).

    5) The second you change your behavior I notice. In fact I can pretty much see straight through you. This means there's no point in lying, playing mind games, waiting hrs to text back etc. You as a whole are a book (with one or two missing pages). If I care enough, I'll read it for as long as I know you. (My psychologist mode doesn't turn off).

  • 1.) When I'm mad, give me some time to get over and I'll be fine. I'll usually be fine within a couple hours. Not because I'm shallow or anything, but because I'd rather get over it and maintain the relationship(friendship or otherwise), and not risk ruining it over something stupid.

    2.)If you send me naked pictures, any kind of attraction I had for you will immediately go away.

    3.)I don't care about material things. I just care about being with you. I hate cheating so I will never cheat on you in any way, shape, or form. I'm insanely loyal, almost to a fault.

    4.)I have a very hard time trying to find the right words to explain how I feel, so I sometimes resort to crying. If you hug me, and that's all you do, that will be more of a comfort than you will ever know.

    5.)I'm a very outgoing person, and have several guy friends as well as girl friends. Don't tell me who I can/can't hang out with. I will not talk about our problems with the guys. You have nothing to worry about. If I am in a relationship with you, I will tell you everything, and won't hide anything from you. You will probably be the only person who will know everything about me other than myself.

  • 1. I'm democratic. I don't deal with elitism

    2. I'm Italian. I'm supposed to be flirtatious and supposed to put my hands on you.

    3. I don't believe any girl is ever 'taken.'

    4. I like debate and discussion, but only if groun rules about fair tactics are respected.

    5. I'm not impressed with somebody because they have a hot car, or sleep with somebody who has a hot car.

    • the last one sounds a bit gay or something a girl would say. :P lol

  • 1. How I feel that any picture I don't take myself is ugly.

    2. How it's not that I'm insecure, it's that I want to be my best for you

    3. How, sometimes, I really need you to let me know my importance to you.

    4. How, when I come to you, with a problem you CAN solve, you should f*cking solve it!

    5. How, some things that make us (girls) happy, that may annoy you, really give us joy, and instead of sighing through them, you could at least participate or let us have those joyful moments.

  • 1. Aliens attack abduct me and take over my brain once every month for about 4-5 days. I can not be held responsible for erratic behaviors during those times.

    2. Being a jerk, or acting aloof on purpose is not at all attractive.

    3. I am not shallow, materialistic, snobby or a gold digger. I do not care about your car, sense of style, body, money, job title or social status. I want to know who you with all those things taken out of the picture.

    4. If I am in a relationship with you, I would not mess around with anyone else. Why deal with self-imposed dating restrictions unless I want to? Stop being jealous, its annoying.

    5. I need you to 'protect' me. Or at the very minimum make it appear that way. I need to feel safe with you (not nervous or irritated or anxious or anything else) just safe and I'm happy.

  • 1) Just because I have no problem being one of the guys with my male friends or with your buddies doesn't mean I ALWAYS want to be treated like a dude. Remember I'm a lady too.

    2) We don't like bad boys. We just don't like clingy dependent ones either. (This doesn't mean you should start blowing us off or acting like a jerk to get us hot. That'll backfire. But have your own life too.)

    3) Please stop treating my boobs like the knobs of your car stereo. That doesn't feel good. Or like much of anything really.

    4) If I'm watching ESPN with you I must REALLY like you. Try to keep that in mind reciprocate sometime.

    5) Please avoid mixed signals at all costs. IE: Don't call me pet names in private then refer to me as your "friend" to people you introduce me to. I'm not sleeping with you because you're such a good friend.

  • 1) It's not that easy to pee standing up right, you gotta tilt or sometimes arch your back to create an angle and control the flow of the pee, or it will sprinkle all over the place.

    2) stop yelling in my ear, asking me repeatedly if I heard you, I heard you but just ignoring you.

    3) don't ask me frequently how I look, you know I'll never say you look terrible, or we'll be 3 hours late, just by you trying to get ready.

    4) I wasn't watching the hot girl , I was watching her normal plain friend next to her.

    5) stop asking me what I'm thinking about, it's probably pc game related.

  • 1. I know guys sometimes think girls want a sensitive boyfriend, but I'd rather not have someone who's overly insecure and treats me like I'm really fragile. I like it when guys are themselves, even if that means he's not being sensitive and wishy-washy. Rather have a protective guy than a sensitive one.

    2. I may be interested in you even if you don't look really hot. Just talk to me, and you'll find out.

    3. Don't try to sweet-talk me, it's not a turn-on. Just act cool and be yourself.

    4. I like having fun more than receiving presents. Can't buy me love, I just want your time and attention.

    5. I'm more to-the-point than you'll ever see at first glance. I may act shy, but I'm not really if I want to get to know you.

  • 1) I'll come and ask you for help when I need it, but I don't want to make you think I absolutely need you in my life, so I don't do it all the time and actually try to do things myself.

    2) If I'm mad at you, as long as you give me a sincere apology, it's fine again. But I need a sincere apology from you.

    3) If you hurt my feelings, I'll let you know one way or another. But please don't treat me like soft butter because you didn't notice that one time when you were tipsy. See #3

    4) Stop means please stop. It's hard for me to say it, so please accept it when I do.

    5) I don't know how to put the moves on you without feeling completely vulnerable and obvious and stupid. So sorry that you have to make the first move, but I just genuinely don't know how without looking either desperate or like a skank.

  • that I am super picky and specific about the types of girls I'm attracted to and they should be honored that a man of my genetic par is even interested in them in the first place

  • 1. I'm very friendly. If you want to approach me, go for it! Every guy deserves a chance.

    2. Please don't give me any corny lines. They make me feel really awkward. If you're going to compliment me or say something sweet, just be real about it.

    3. For goodness sake, just be yourself. You don't need to pretend you like everything I like, or that you agree with everything I say. I'll appreciate and respect that you are your own person.

    4. My family's opinions of you are important to me. They're pretty agreeable people, but it still doesn't hurt to show them how polite you can be.

    5. I like to tease people. I hope you don't get offended easily.

  • 1. If you ask me what I' thinking about and I say "nothing", I'm telling the truth.

    2. If I compliment your appearance, don't question it and tell me that I'm "just saying it to be nice."

    3. When I've just gotten home after a long day, I might need like 20-30 minutes to myself in order to unwind. This has nothing to do with my feelings toward you.

    4. You hate it when I leave the toilet seat up, but I experience the exact same inconvenience when you leave it down.

    5. I try as hard as I can to avoid looking at other women, but sometimes I succumb to biological forces and slip up. If it happens then just remember that you're the one I'm with, and that you're the one that I want to be with.

  • That my penis is good for your health and will make you win the lottery.

  • 1)trust me in anyway.

    2)trust me in anyway.

    3)trust me in anyway.

    4)trust me in anyway.

    5)trust me in anyway.

  • 1.) I can't control erections, they just happen. Just try to ignore them like I do and they tend to go away.

    2.) You can f*** off with the mind games.

    3.) Being a total **** than coming back the next day and being all like sorry I'm on my period should not being a recurring thing. Sometimes things you say hit home.

    4.) Don't try to hide your guy-friends, might make us think there is actually something to hide, but at the same time don't flaunt him to the heavens, that would probably make me just as, if not more, jealous.

    5.) If you want to end the relationship, never ever do the whole I need a break thing. Either its over or it isn't.

  • 1)I am not an Internet person and really do not have a Facebook account.

    2)Don't keep saying that I am beautiful although I agree that I am rather pleasant looking.It makes me feel insecure and makes me think you are so shallow and would leave me one day if I lose my looks.

    3)If you don't reply my message for more than a day ,I will think you don't care about me anymore,unless you have a very good reason to explain.I always reply my loved ones'messages on the same day no matter how busy I am.I will just make time for it no matter what because I care!

    4)I loved to be called cute nicknames,especially if it has something to do with animals. :)

    5)I like guys to be warm and friendly and not flirty.We should only flirt with our significant other.

    • So true that, about replying to messages. Even if I'm at work and I get a message, I will reply as soon as I have 30 free seconds. I want them to know that I'm available for them, but when they take a loooot of time to reply, it makes me think they don't care, they want to make themselves seem interesting/busy (when they're not).

    • * 5)I like guys to be warm and friendly and not flirty. We should only flirt with our significant other or people whom we truly want to date. *

  • 1. Don't think that the fact that I don't drink or do drugs makes me less of a "bad boy" and less attractive in your book.

    2. Don't assume that since I've only had one girlfriend for 1.5 years that I am flawed in anyway, just not as confident.

    3. Don't ever think I'll cheat on you. I'm as reliable as a guy will ever be. Plus I lose attraction to other girls when there is ONE special girl I think about.

    4. Don't ever lie to me. If you lie to me about something what else have you been lying about?

    5. I'm 5'8.. so never mention my height. If you do, I won't feel man enough to continue things with you, you'll be gone in a heartbeat.

    • 5"8 isn't small enough for people to make fun of you - really. You're taller than most girls so don't worry.

  • dont ignore me, I can't tell the difference between a woman playing hard to get, and a snob. but Ill ignore both.

    just because I don't make the first move does not mean I lack passion, it means I don't push myself on the unwilling, give me a sign you want me...and make sure I see the sign.

    if your lacking something in a relationship, don't tell your mom, or your BFF, or your sister...and NOT tell me! I am the one that makes love to you, not them.

    I am not too old for a pillow fight, and I like to spoon

    if we are fighting over the remote, its because I want to watch TV with you.

    if I didnt, there is always YouTube

  • 1) don't lie to me.

    2) after your in a relationship, don't be immature about not being able to have every girl you see.

    3) talk to me if your mad, don't act immature and ignore me.

    4) I do get mad. a lot, but your supposed to cheer me up.

    5) don't tell me I look bad. if I need to lose weight, I know this. if I have crooked teeth and need braces, I know this, if I make bad grades, I know this. accept me however the f*** I am. and be there for me. and make me laugh. that's all.

  • 1. Don't lie to me. I will catch you, and I will NOT tolerate it. Also, don't change your story and "forget" when I recall something you said.

    2. If something is bothering you, just tell me.

    3. I will never like that one hobby you keep trying to push on me. Let it go, and don't get mad if I won't sit through, say, an entire football game with my undivided attention.

    4. I love sex but will not act or look exactly like your favorite p*rn actress. Aren't my orgasms, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness enough for you? I wish you could love me and my sexuality more, rather than placing p*rn as the almighty ideal in your mind.

    5. I'm not muscular, but I keep myself slim and take care of my skin and hygiene. Not to mention the makeup, so I look perfect for you. Why isn't an hourglass figure and a pretty face good enough for you? I'm dumping your ass if you ever criticize my body.

  • 1, Just because I'm on the smaller side (5'4) does not automatically make me a damsel in distress needing protecting. I can take care of myself, thank you.

    2. No, your looks and attitude don't charm me. I see right through it and know exactly what you want.

    3. I am 19, not 12. Just because I'm short doesn't mean I'm young.

    4. I will automatically lose interest in you if you do not use correct grammar.

    5. Just because I get a period once a month does not mean I will be a bitch. Don't avoid me. If it's a particularly strong one, I'll tell you to stay away. But other than that, proceed like nothing's wrong.

  • -Just because I'm attractive does not mean that I'm stuck up or fake or only into things like shopping. I actually hate shopping and love gaming, but when I tell guys that they think I'm just "trying to be cool" and they right it off, It's irritating.

    -Just because a girl is friendly and talks to you a lot does NOT mean that she's flirting with you. She's just being nice.

    -Girls want nice, sensitive guys. But don't be so nice that you won't stand up for yourself in an argument or so sensitive that you can't man up when necessary.

    -If you like a girl, act like it. Guys may like the chase, but most women don't. We like knowing that you like us so if you really do, at least act like it.

    -A lot of times girls will judge a guy based on how he treats his mom and his sisters. Remember that.

  • I don't *need* you. I never will.

    I don't expect you to need me.

    If I say something, and it can be interpreted two ways, one of which offends you, I meant the other one.

    If I'm annoyed at you, you'll know. I'll tell you. In English.

    Don't ever make the mistake of making me choose between my friends and you, because you'll lose every single time.


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