What do you think of this video of America's prisons?


shows some quite disturbing points


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  • In Norway, the prisons have televisions, designer furniture, lunch rooms, surveys on how the services can be improved, unarmed guards, music, cooking classes and gathering rooms where all the prisoners can talk.

    And guess what. The amount of prisoners that relapse and return to their previous behavior after their sentence is HALF of what it is in the United States.

    • that's a good point, but the video was also about how it sentences people

      the difference in blacks and whites, three-strike rule

      and that America has jailed more people than throughout history

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  • Not really surprising

  • Are you supposed to get hugs and go to happy hour in American prisons? No. Prison is a place for people who've committed crimes against humanity or society or both. Maybe if we were like prisons in other countries, there would be a need to highlight disturbing points. I think the United States should elect Joe Arpaio to be the "Sheriff-in-Chief" and set everyone straight.

    • that wasn't the point, it was saying America jails more than anybody ever in history

      the disproportionate sentencing between blacks and whites

      how stupid the three strike rule is

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    • poor economic times?

      sure, not like they lock people up for weed and stupid offenses

    • You don't think that crime goes up during bad economic crimes and/or impoverished neighborhoods?

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