Notice everyone is going off about politics but?

They are not even registered to vote... OK you like a certain president and will voice that all day over FB, yet, you have never voted nor are you even registered to vote...

I vote in EVERYTHING the preliminaries and my county elections...


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  • Because most people don't live in swing states.

    Non-swing states will never stray from their alloted colors, Massachusttes, New York and California will always vote for the democrat no matter who it is, likewise Texas, Idaho and Alaska will always vote for the republican.

    This only changes as demographics change, which takes decades. Massachusetts used to be one of the reddest states in the country up until around the 20s.

    And then look at California, if it wasn't for San Fransisco and Los Angeles the state would be red. Texas is always reliably red but Austin, its capital city, is as blue as it gets, so much so that Texans have a saying: "keep Austin wierd".

    Nevada is undergoing quite a change as we speak, every day new people are moving there, it's easily the fastest growing city in the country and it used to be as red as Texas, now it's a swing state that is trending blue.

    The complete opposite is happening in Illinois, it's the fastest shrinking state in the country and the southern part of the state is very red, though it has yet to move into swing state status.

    Since I am unfortunate enough to be trapped in Massachusetts for the time being I don't bother, if I want to vote for Romney it is a waste of time because this state will not go red anytime soon. Likewise if I want to vote for Obama it is a waste of time becase even if it were discovered that he orcastrated 9/11 this state would still give its 11 electoral votes to him.

    Now once I move to New Hampshire or possibly Florida (hell, even Nevada is on the table), THEN I will register to vote.

    As for the locals like district attorneys or congessmen I still have the same problem of time wasting. Our congressmen Tierny (or however you spell his name) threw his wife under the bus, getting her sent to jail to protect his political career and he is still probably going to be reelected.

    Scott Brown was a major exception, I found it amazing that the one state that had a version of Obamacare already voted for a candidate that ran on a platform of vowing to provide the 41st vote to block it (how this did not send a message to the rest of the country is beyond me). But just like that, they reelected Governor Shithead, I mean Patrick and are probably going to give Scott Brown his walking papers even though he has the highest approval ratings and has been named the second most bipartisan senator in history, in favor of what? A left-wing loon who will be the biggest sheep in the senate for Obama, he could propose a law that says kill all the Cherokee Indians (of which she claims heritage) and she would support it.


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  • I am registered in affiliated voter. I vote even through I live in a blue state. We have plenty if propositions in ballot what are important in shaping our future. By the way I have voted republican , democratic and third party.

    I don't listen to spinners and opinion shows. I detest talk radio. I fact right now I am watching PBS show about Global Warming. Dissecting who is really for and against it. How its being spinned.

  • I have quite a few illegal friends who are constantly spewing their biased caca on FB

    One of them, he can't even f***ing vote, is always going on and on about voting for Obama because he's not racist and he'll post things like "WOMEN, IF YOU WANT A PRESIDENT WHO WON'T TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR BODY VOTE OBAMA"

    You can't even vote you mojado

    ^This fool even annoys his friends and they tell him to shut up cause he doesn't even know what he's talking about

    Some rachet black chick I'm friends with is deleting anyone who posts about Mitt Romney

    • Same here... The Women thing is also inaccurate because Mitt has said its his personal opinion and he does not believe state should decide on the choice (causes some confusion but he's not trying to take away a womans choice its just his opinion that is morally wrong)

      You in Nyc or Texas? jw because id assume you were republican being a Texan.

    • Idk, his friends explained that part to him but he was like "it doesn't matter I already made up my mind"--HOMEBOY, you CAN'T VOTE. He's from Mexico

      Anyways, I'm in Texas lol I just change my profile stuff every once in a while

      I don't care that he support Obama but even his constant rants bother his friends and family

    • Yeah I'm not about getting political online its just like everywhere now and almost impossible not to comment or get annoyed by it..

  • When I talk about politics it's in terms of Capitalism, Anarchism and Socialism, not parties and candidates. If I wanted to do anything about my political views I'd need to join a goddamn radical militant group.


    So, actually, yeah. What losers.


      WE DO NOT.


      THE RIGHT.

      TO VOTE.



  • I find that amusing but the sad thing is that here voting is compulsory so you get all the ignorants spouting off their idiocy and are able to exercise that in the ballot box. I think it goes a significant way to explaining the cretins that are running this country into the ground at the moment, just as those Demycrats are ruining the US (the amusing thing being that centre-left parties have a fixation with hand-outs and big government but can't appreciate that these costs money and through their 'charitable' endeavours proceed to blow a hole through a budget surplus).

  • You would be surprised about the heated debates we get into about it here in Canada, someone got punched in the face last time

  • I can't vote :(

    I can agree with that, it gets annoying when people voice their opinion to people who don't care, but it is a healthy way to exercise ones rights.

    I remember the days when those things were secretive.

    • Its the fact that these people do not register to vote in the first place or just don't vote.

    • well that among other things, but people will voice their opinions regardless in hopes to sway others in what they themselves think is the right direction, and let them have it, sure it doesn't make sense but who are we to cast judgement upon them for their hopes. Just sit back and enjoy the ride dude, life is too short to let the petty things bite at your ankles.

  • agree

    now if you can't vote, okay. but others are lazy and have the nerve to complain

  • Just got registered to vote! But I don't care about politics (: How could I? -gasp-

  • ouch.

    • What do you mean? (:

      I meant people who could register although they choose not to and still go off about politics.

  • Who cares, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • Entitled... OK but what does your opinion really matter if you don't even plan on doing anything about it (like not voting)

      Sort of an oxymoron.

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    • The problem with good politicians is they appeal to people who have become so jaded about politics that they don't believe their vote counts. The problem is, they're right about it too.

    • No, they are not right. Politics is a very tough subject, but everyone's vote counts. The people that are way jaded are people that talk about all these conspiracy theories that are only half true.

  • I've voted in every election since I was old enough to vote. I know some individuals who won't get out and vote. They say things like they don't get involved in politics and all that noise and those seem to be in high numbers. And just as bad as that now those who get faulty misguided untrue information for others who are just as bad as they are not knowing the truth and don't care as long as their getting a handout of some kind even if they are only temporary handouts as our constitution disappears right before our very own eyes. Those who don't bother learning what the candidates really stand for or the truth about them and those who don't bother voting are directly responsible for the current condition our country is in. Our country and constitution is under attack and what good are all those freebie's if they or their loved ones won't be around to get them?


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